CO2 Laser Cutter Machine


24 months warranty!

More than 25,000 hours of use!*

CTR's new range of laser tubes are now available...

CTR now offer a range of Synrad RF CO2 laser power sources. These come in powers ranging from 25W to 400W, and come complete with 24 months warranty and over 25,000 hours of use.*

If you already have a CTR laser machine, you can upgrade to an RF laser power - please contact our sales team for more details.

* Laser tube life will depend on the power of the laser tube, the materials being processed, and the environmental conditions in which the laser is operating.

RF Laser power give you the advantage of:

  • A sharper (smaller) dot size, to give you a finer cut which is particularly helpful for very fine work (i.e. scoring lines on an architectural model).
  • Faster cutting speeds than using the same watts DC laser power.
  • A straighter cross-section than DC laser powers.
  • A finer kerf (amount of material removed by the laser cutting process), giving you higher accuracy with many materials

The family of Synrad sealed CO2 lasers feature the patented, all metal tube - the central building block for many of Synrad's products. The all-metal, sealed tube design provides and maintains high gas purity, which is essential to achieve the long operating life required of Synrad lasers.

ALL CTR laser machines now come with an optional upgrade to RF laser power, and if you want to change to RF in the future, upgrade paths are available.

RF Laser Machines - Synrad Logo 
Available Synrad RF Laser Powers:  25W  30W  40W  60W  80W  100W  200W  400W
RF Laser Machines - Synrad Powers 
 Please note that due to the size of these RF laser cutting and engraving sources, not all of the above stated powers will be available for all of our laser machines - please contact our sales team for advice.


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