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CO2 Settings

CO2 laser machine settings

Congratulations on your new CTR laser machine.

Now that you have a CTR laser machine, you are likely looking to explore the different materials that you can process for cutting and engraving.

A list of some of the common materials can be found here to help you know which are safe to process. Buying from CTR directly gives you support in materials, so if you are looking to process something new, you can use our guide, check the COSHH data from the material supplier, or contact us for assistance to check the material is laser compatible.

We have given you some settings on this page for common materials customers use, to give a guide of the settings that can be used.

Please remember that all of the settings are to be used as a guide only, and the laser machine should never be left unattended, especially with new materials.

Keep in mind that for new materials you should always: 

  • Check the COSHH data to ensure the material is laser-compatible, non-flammable and will not produce nasty fumes/gasses/smells/particles which may be hazardous to the operator, the environment or the machine.
  • Test your cut settings on a small offcut of the material first, to ensure your chosen settings will give you the desired results.
  • Never leave the machine running unattended, whether this is a new or regular material.

The following guide settings may need to be adjusted on your machine depending on the optics fitted, the air assist gas being used, and the laser power.

Material properties also vary a lot between different manufacturers and over different times of the year - wood may be damper through winter or rainy seasons and as such harder to cut when the laser needs to vaporise the water as well as cut through the material.


Not all material thicknesses have been listed here, but as a general guide if you double the thickness of a material, you need to half the speed.


50W DC CO2 laser
MATERIAL (3mm) SPEED (mm/sec) POWER (%)
Acrylic 8-10 70
Card 40-100 30-70
Laser Plywood 10-12 70
MDF 10-15 70


80W DC CO2 laser
MATERIAL (3mm) SPEED (mm/sec) POWER (%)
Acrylic 15 70
Card 30-100 30-70
Laser Plywood 15-20 70
MDF 16-25 70