CTR Lasers - Hints And Tips For Laser Operation

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Hints and Tips for Laser Operation

Laser Operation and Maintenance Hints and Tips

This page covers helpful information on the laser machine operation.


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My machine is stuck in PAUSE...

If you laser machine control panel says that the machine operation is paused and to press start to continue, but pressing start doesn't make a difference...

Check that the base tray in your laser machine is squarely pushed in all the way.

This is a safety feature to ensure the laser machine is not operated without the base tray in the machine to catch parts and debris when laser cutting.

The best way to ensure the tray is correctly in place is to pull your tray out by at least 200mm and then, using both hands equally distanced along the front tray edge, push the tray back in until it cannot go back any further. Make sure that you have pushed the tray in squarely and firmly.

If the problem persists, clean out your tray, and ensure that there are no debris stuck to any part of the tray or located in the slot in your laser machine that the tray slides into.

In the event that your problem still persists, please contact your supplier for further advice.


ALWAYS protect your water cooled lasers from freezing!

Always make sure that your water cooled laser machines don't freeze.

This is especially critical for glass laser tubes, where the water can freeze, expand, and potentially damage the tube.

If your laser machine is not in an environment that is protected from freezing, make sure you drain the water from your laser tube if there is any chance of the temperature reaching freezing to avoid any costly repairs.