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Hints and Tips for Software

Software Hints and Tips

This page covers helpful information on using the software provided with our laser machines. This includes information on some common operator errors that can easily be remedied.


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To align or center graphics...
  1. Use the pointer (arrow) to select the graphics you want to move, for example, a letter C.
  2. Hold Shift on your keyboard, and select the graphics that you want the C to be centered within, for example, a circle.
  3. Click the Align Center button, or go to Draw Align Align Middle.

You can also use the above steps to align to the left, right etc.

Immediate or Grid Location

The laser offers two options for locating graphics.

  • Immediate - the laser job will start from the current location of the laser head.
  • Grid Location - the laser will take the location of the graphisc from where they have been positioned on the grid in the laser software. This is the default setting when the immediate option is not selected.

The immediate button can be found on the right hand side of the laser software screen on your PC. Please note that when you change the option from one to the other, you MUST download the file to the laser machine again for the change to be applied (Download > Download Current).

To set the origin of your graphics...

The origin, or start point of your graphics is the point at which the laser head will travel to, to begin cutting or scoring.

It can be useful to change this from the default start point, as you may want the start point to be in a less noticable area on the final product.

To change the origin on your vector file...

  1. Open the Laser menu at the top of the laser software on your PC.
  2. Click Select Laser origin.
  3. You can now click on the outline of the vector graphics to choose a new start (origin) point for each vector displayed. The origin point is indicated by a yellow square.

The corners of my shapes are not cutting at all

Double click on the layer where the colours are not cutting on your British laser machine.

In the options/settings window which opens, there is an option to enter the corner power.

When a laser machine is operating, it typically has to slow down when it reaches a corner, so that it can change direction, and then resume travelling at the originally specified speed. As such, you have the option to set a lower power for the corners of your shapes, so that the laser does not over-power the material when it slows down.

If you set the corner power too low, or to zero, then the laser will not fire when moving around the corners.

Set the corner power to a value which is lower than the overall cut power, but higher than zero! i.e. for a laser cutting power of 50, set the corner power to around 25-30.