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Laser Machine Safety

CTR British Laser Machines have been designed and manufactured in England for safe operation.

This includes hobby use, education establishments and industrial applications.

Our laser machines are designed with safety features, and we provide training with our machines to give you the best possible start with your new machine.

We also offer top-up training courses, in case your staff have changed or you want a refresher.


Our list of the top things to remember when operating your laser safely include:

  1. NEVER leave the laser machine unattended when in operation.
  2. Carry out the advised routine maintenance to schedule.
  3. Make sure your materials are laser-friendly. Check with your supplier if you are using a new material and unsure if it is safe to laser process.
  4. Keep your machine clean.


You can download the Routine Maintenance sheet if you need a new copy - just register on our website and find it in the Maintenance and Instruction downloads area.

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We have been running our laser for over a year. I can safely say that it is used every day, on some days it is used almost continuously with a queue of students waiting to access it (oh for more budget and a second laser!). Apart from cleaning the ...

P. Thurlow, Four Dwellings High School
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