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Article: capture the moment

Capture the Moment!

Are you tired of fighting to get your engraving picture-perfect?
Read these useful hints to help keep your memories etched in stone (or wood, or marble...)

The First Step At The Click Of A Button.

Do you remember those moments happily spent with a camera in your hands, clicking away to capture moments in time forever? Make sure when you're snapping away with the intent to laser engrave these memories that you keep the following points in mind...

  1. Have a broad range of light and dark areas - wide tone in a photo ensures an interesting result when engraved.
  2. Avoid large areas of one colour, and huge backgrounds with a small subject of interest. A single colour will come out as a dull block of same-depth engraving, while small items of interest will be swallowed up in their surroundings.
  3. Low-resolution images will give you low-quality results. Start with at least 254 DPI resolution, and half the battle is already won! (508 is better!)

Take A Seat And Relax.

Scanning your well-captured photographs can be quick and painless. If you're going to engrave at 300 DPI, there's no need to sit and watch your PC try to cope with a huge 1200 DPI image - scan at double the resolution you plan to work with.

To give you a head start, engraving at a resolution of around 254 DPI works well for woods, and 508 DPI for glass.

Let The Laser Do The Work.

Practice makes perfect, so have fun trying out a variety of materials. Remember that different settings, and different materials will give you a huge range of results. For example, engraving the same photo on both wood and acrylic will give vastly different effects.

The type of wood can also make a big difference!

Wood Laser Engraving Photograph

There Is No Wrong Solution.

With these tips, you're on the fast-track to getting the excellent results you require, no matter the objective.

To make the process even faster, try out the specialist software program PhotoGrav

This software is uniquely designed to ensure you have the least hassle with maximum results; generally better than any other software!