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Article: TMX65 laser machine

CTR's British designed and manufactured TMX65 laser machine is our most compact model yet, and offers a huge variety of uses.

TMX65 laser machine British design and manufacture CO2 laser

What is the TMX65?

The TMX65 is a laser cutting and engraving machine. This machine is British designed and manufactured at CTR’s Northampton site, and is designed to work with a huge range of materials, including acrylics, woods, fabrics and more.

What does the TMX65 do?

Our British TMX65 can be used in many different applications, three of the main types being;

  • Hobbyists
  • Education (schools, academies, colleges, universities and more), and
  • Industry (businesses)

This laser machine is ideally suited for those with a limited space or a restricted budget, as this machine is our most compact model yet with a footprint of just 1100mm x 660mm and a new low starting price – please contact us for a quotation, as the exact price will vary depending on the laser power required for your specific work.

CTR’s aim is to supply machines that will do the work you want. We’re not looking to box-shift machines, we’re looking to fulfil your laser requirements. If we recognise that the TMX65 won’t do the work you want to achieve, we’ll tell you (and point you in a different direction if needed!)

British CO2 laser machine TMX65 - lid open

What does the TMX65 come with?

The list is long, and a full (no obligation!) quotation from us will provide more details, but in summary this laser machine is supplied with;

  • POWER; a range of CO2 laser powers, to suit your requirements, from 50W DC – 120W RF (read here for more information on CO2 laser types).
  • SIZE; 650 x 420mm work area for processing individual or combined projects.
  • DEPTH; adjustable bed height, to give you even greater flexibility on working with bulky items.
  • INSTALLATION; CTR offer delivery, installation and training at UK mainland locations, so you don’t need to worry about couriers, disposing of  the packaging or getting everything set up correctly, as we handle it all!
  • TRAINING; after the machine has been delivered and set up, we offer training for up to five members of staff on how to use the laser machine, how to operate the user-friendly software supplied with the machine, and how to carry out the routine maintenance on the machine to give your machine a long life.
  • WARRANTY; CTR provide a minimum of 12 months machine warranty, and we have UK engineers who offer on-site support.
  • SUPPORT; we are human! This means you get a real person answering your phone calls to our office and replying to your emails for support. We’ll trouble shoot any issues you have, and we work hard to avoid any unnecessary costs for you. This means if we can offer you a solution without needing to visit your site, we will, saving you time and money throughout the life of your machine.

Are there any optional extras?

Yes. Because we want our TMX65 to suit different uses, we’ve carefully designed this machine with a range of optional extras to help you with your work. These include;

  • WORKTABLE; as standard, the TMX65 has a bar bed, but a honeycomb bed, vacuum bed or custom jigs can be fitted. Each bed has a typical use;
    • Bar bed – flat or mainly rigid materials i.e. woods and acrylics.
    • Honeycomb bed – more flexible materials such as fabrics and paper/card.
    • Vacuum bed – ideal for holding materials flat or in place i.e. leather and veneers.
    • Custom jigs – you can use the TMX65 itself to make custom jigs to cut and engrave on materials and products your regularly use, or we can design and manufacture a custom jig if you need something made from metal or if you simply need help in finding a solution. Jigs are great at increasing productivity and accuracy for repeat jobs.
    • Rotary – this can be fitted into the machine to allow cylindrical work, such as engraving on drinking glasses, bottle, vases and more.
  • FILTRATION; depending on the materials you are using and your setup, you may need a filter system. We offer a range of filters to meet different requirements – click here to see if you might need a filter system.

TMX65 laser machine work area - bar bed

What about my future options?

There are three typical ways in which our customers expand as they progress;

  1. Buy a second laser machine – this is a fantastic way to increase production once your first machine has paid for itself.
  2. Trade in your existing laser for a new model – this is a great way to invest in a larger machine with higher capacity if you want to retain a fairly compact footprint, but have some space to expand.
  3. Upgrade your existing machine – this can be a more expensive option due to the amount of reverse engineering involved, but this allows you to retain the same footprint while upgrading your laser power.


So, why not arrange a time to visit our Northampton site and see the machine in action? We’re easily accessible, being only 5 minutes from junction 15 of the M1.

Click here to go to the TMX65 laser machine product page for more information.