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ATAT model step 1

ATAT Star Wars model - 1  2  3  4  5

ATAT Star Wars free laser cut design files from CTRBackground: Some of you know and may have seen our previous ATAT model which was made several years ago - it travelled with us to trade shows, pictures were put up on our website, and generally the feedback from those who saw it was great!
Sadly the ATAT mark 1 met its end when crushed by a window frame (Don't ask. Really.) So, in honour of the new film release, we deicded to make the ATAT mark 2!
It's new and improved, with more detail (and hopefully a stronger constitution!) than its predecessor.
The largest part is 300x100mm, so even if you have to re-nest the design file it should fit on most laser machines (definitely all CTR machines!), and with a 2mm material thickness your laser should cut it without issue.

Just in case you need any added incentive to make this model (other than the fact you can download the design files for FREE on our website), the materials (excluding the laser) cost us about £10 in all so it's cheap to make, and we're throwing in hints, tips and advice as we go, so whether you're a novice with your first machine or someone who has been lasering for years, (a) you should be able to put this together easily and (b) you might learn something new along the way!

We hope you enjoy this project.

This project consists of instructions and free downloads and is NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.
The design files remain the property of CTR Future Ltd. and the design files and any subsequent models created from our files are NOT FOR PROFIT.
To share this design with friends please link back to this page and do not host or upload this file elsewhere on the internet.
If you ignore this message and abuse our trust, we'll stop releasing files.


Step 1 - Feet

  1. Source your materials.
    Materials required: four sheets of 2mm wood or similar modelmaking material. Size: 310 x 150mm per sheet (or one larger sheet to cut all four feet).
    Glue suitable for your material (i.e. PVA or wood glue).
    Small clamps are beneficial in holding the parts together while the glue sets, but are not essential at this stage of the model.

    HINT: You can re-nest the parts if your machine is smaller, or if you're using scraps of material.
    TIP: Choose a fairly light material (we used 2mm MDF, where you can get a large sheet for about £5 online) so that your model doesn't collapse! The ATAT model is fairly sturdy, but we haven't tested it with any heavy materials. The material ideally also needs to have a bit of give in it, while being robust enough that it doesn't flex too much - properties similar to 2mm MDF. If you make the model from a thickness other than 2mm, the design will need to be modified (quite extensively in some places) so we really recommend going for the advised thickness.
    TIP: The rest of the ATAT model is designed from the same 2mm material, so you might want to source a larger sheet and use parts of it as required for this model.
  2. Head over to our downloads page (design files) and download the ATAT part 1.
    This DXF file is compatible with our British CTR laser machines (and most others!).
    Direct link - click here.
  3. Each foot is identical, so you'll need to cut four of the file.
    Run the file on your laser machine as usual, using the relevant settings for your material.

    TIP: We're included the words "CUT" and "SCORE" in the design file, as colours can import different into different softwares. This tells you which colour to set as the cut (cut all the way through the material) and which one to set as score (cutting at a faster speed and lower power, so that the laser just marks the top of the material and does not cut through). Remember to delete the words "cut" and "score" before you run the file to save wasting material.
    This model has NO engraving, so you're just working with cutting and scoring to make it faster to process and cleaner (reduced fume production).

  4. Each foot is made up in stacked layers, as indicated below.
    Use a suitable glue (i.e. PVA for woods) to stick the layers together.
    Glue layers 1-5 together centrally in order.
    Remember, you want the protrusions on pieces 1 and 2 to be lined up with each other.
    Make sure the piece 3 which has the scored circle round the middle is on top of the stack to help you line up piece 4.

    (1= bottom/sole of the foot)
    (7= top cap layer)
    Black filled areas and the white background show waste material.

    ATAT Star Wars model - free laser cut design file for modelmaking

    HINT: it's best to take your time and allow the glue to set between each of the layers to prevent slipping and distortion in the foot.

  5. Glue the two copies of piece 8 together, back-to-back to create a single piece 4mm thick.
    ATAT Star Wars free laser cut design file piece 8

  6. Place the glued 8 piece vertically on top of the foot stack of layers 1-5. Align this so that the tips of piece 8 align with the two of the four protrusions on the sole of the foot. Glue this in place.

  7. You can now glue layers 6 on either side of the vertical 8 piece as shown in the picture below.

    Star Wars ATAT model foot - free ATAT laser cut design file from CTR

  8. Glue the cap (piece 7) centrally on top of piece 6.

  9. Repeat these steps for the three other feet.


Made it so far? Excellent!
Click here for Stage 2.

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