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ATAT model step 2

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Make sure you carried out step one of this model before working through this page.

ATAT Star Wars free laser cut design files from CTR
This project consists of instructions and free downloads and is NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.
The design files remain the property of CTR Future Ltd. and the design files and any subsequent models created from our files are NOT FOR PROFIT.
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Step 2 - Legs

  1. Source your materials.
    Materials required: four sheets of 2mm wood or similar modelmaking material. Size: 255 x 245mm per sheet (or one larger sheet to cut all four legs).
    Glue suitable for your material (i.e. PVA or wood glue).
    Small clamps are beneficial in holding the parts together while the glue sets to prevent your pieces from sliding out of alignment.

    HINT: You can re-nest the parts if your machine is smaller, or if you're using scraps of material.
    TIP: It's best to continue using the same material as for stage 1 (please see step 1 for material advice).
    REMINDER: The rest of the ATAT model is designed from the same 2mm material, so you might want to source a larger sheet and use parts of it as required for this model.
  2. Head over to our downloads page (design files) and download the ATAT part 2.
    This DXF file is compatible with our British CTR laser machines (and most others!).
    Direct link - click here.
  3. It's decision making time!
    This is the first variation in this model. There are two leg designs - straight, and bent (see the photo above).
    The bent legs adds great movement to the model, making it look like it is mid-step. However, if you aren't confident in modelmaking you can easily cut four identical, straight legs and simply angle them. We recommend swapping no more than one of the straight legs for a bent leg to keep the model structurally sound when standing. But of course the decision is ultimately yours!
    The download for the bent leg is here.
    NOTE: If you swap the straight leg pieces out for the above file link, you will need a larger piece of material for this, as the bent leg pieces are larger.
  4. The leg pieces simply stack together as per the image here.
    The great thing about this model is you can alter parts, i.e. twist the joints around so they are facing different ways to give the most sense of movement in the model, rather than lining them all up straight.
    HINT: It is best to stick the legs together in stages, allowing the glue time to set in between stages to prevent the pieces from misaligning. Depending on the way you are holding the pieces together while they set they can move! Take your time to ensure the legs look perfect - it will be well worth the time invested when the model is finished.
    ATAT leg assembly layers

    ATAT laser cut leg design
  5. IMPORTANT: No matter how tempting it is, do NOT glue the legs onto the feet. This will be one of the last steps, so that you can position them as desired, while still offering the required support for the body weight. Patience is a virtue!


I hope this worked well for you.

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