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ATAT model step 4

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Make sure that you have carried out all of the steps in order! Step One | Step Two | Step Three | Following the instructions in order is important!

ATAT Star Wars free laser cut design files from CTR
This project consists of instructions and free downloads and is NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.
The design files remain the property of CTR Future Ltd. and the design files and any subsequent models created from our files are NOT FOR PROFIT.
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Step 4 - Back

  • Source your materials.
    Materials required: one sheets of 2mm wood or similar modelmaking material. Size: 435 x 360mm.
    Glue suitable for your material (i.e. PVA or wood glue).
    Small clamps are beneficial in holding the parts together while the glue sets to prevent your pieces from sliding out of alignment - in this step, this will only really be relevant for attaching the smaller accessory parts (i.e. ladder), as otherwise there are too many angles involved to easily clamp the larger pieces in place.
  • Head over to our downloads page and download the ATAT part 4 file.
    This DXF file is compatible with our British CTR laser machines (and most others!).
    Direct link - click here.
  • Below you can see a layout of the pieces you will cut, laid out to approximate the shape of the main body.

    ATAT step 4 layout

    REMINDERS:  As before, black lines are cut, red lines are scored (cut at a faster speed so that they don't penetrate completely through the material). The line colours have been indicated in the file by text (don't forget to delete the words before processing the file!)
    The design can be re-nested if you prefer (i.e. if you are using offcuts of material to make up the model), but remember to keep the internals of each outer black shape together to make sure everything lines up correctly.
  • When all of your parts are cut and engraved, it's best to first attach the accessories. The location for gluing each piece is scored into the design, so they should be easy to line up and glue in place accordingly.
    The accessories consist of (below are the total quantities - remember half are for each side, mirrored!):
    • 2 ladders (see below image, ref A)
    • 12 ovals on the lower side flaps (see below image, ref B)
    • 26 rectangular hole surrounds (see below image, ref C)

      ATAT accessories locations
  • Once these have set, you can glue the front and back panel's bottom detail together as follows;

    ATAT step 4 side flaps
  • You will now need the parts from step 3 (belly) to build the back on top of.
  • Clip parts A and B (highlighted in image below) into the tabs cut into the sides of the UPPER BELLY (refer to step 3 for identification of this part and see the image below for where the clips attach). The arches need to both be standing the same way UP from the upper belly.
    ATAT step 4 - arches
    ATAT step 4 arches connection

    ATAT step 4 arches clipped in place
  • The two side panels can now be glued in place. The bottom edge site on TOP of the upper belly. The left and right edges (of the side panel) are glued to the cut edge of the two arches.

    ATAT step 4 sides
    ATAT step 4 side panels
  • The middle top panel sits on top of the cut edge of the two side panels, with the cut tabs on the front and back ends nested around the tops of the arches.
    ATAT step 4 top middle
  • MAKE SURE you have some time for the next bit (unless you are using a really quick drying glue) - I confess I had to hold each of the two end parts in place while the glue set.
    REMEMBER:  all of the back pieces sit ON TOP of the upper belly piece (other than the arches, whose tabs clip around the upper belly).
    For the front and tail panels, if you're using PVA, apply the glue to each of the areas that need it, then fit them together. The glue does set quite quickly if you don't drown the model in too much glue.

    Slot the two sides into place first, locking them into the corresponding tab indents on the arches.
    ATAT step 4 tail sides

    You can then place the end piece into position...
    ATAT step 4 tail end

    ... before finally slotting the top panel in place.
    ATAT step 4 tail top

  • You will need to repeat this process for the front panels.
    ATAT step 4 front

  • Finally, (for each side) slot three of the SUPPORTS (from step 3) into the grooves in the side flaps (image below) and, making sure the pointed end is facing forwards, glue these into the three slots on the sides of the upper belly.
    ATAT step 4 side flaps



Still with us? You're nearly done! The last step will be the neck and head, which will be posted before Christmas!
Stage 5 coming soon.

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