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ATAT model step 5

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Make sure that you have carried out all of the steps in order! Step One | Step Two | Step Three | Step Four | Following the instructions in order is important!

ATAT Star Wars free laser cut design files from CTR
This project consists of instructions and free downloads and is NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.
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Step 5 - Head

  • Source your materials.
    Materials required: one sheets of 2mm wood or similar modelmaking material. Size: 320 x 195mm.
    Glue suitable for your material (i.e. PVA or wood glue).
    Small clamps are beneficial in holding the parts together while the glue sets to prevent your pieces from sliding out of alignment - in this step, this is mainly relevant for attaching the smaller accessory parts.
  • Head over to our downloads page and download the ATAT part 5 file.
    This DXF file is compatible with our British CTR laser machines (and most others!).
    Direct link - click here.
  • Below you can see a layout of the pieces you will cut, laid out to approximate the shape of the main body.

ATAT step 5 layout

REMINDERS:  As before, black lines are cut, red lines are scored (cut at a faster speed so that they don't penetrate completely through the material). The line colours have been indicated in the file by text (don't forget to delete the words before processing the file!)
The design can be re-nested if you prefer (i.e. if you are using offcuts of material to make up the model), but remember to keep the internals of each outer black shape together to make sure everything lines up correctly.

  • When all of your parts are cut and scored, it's best to first attach the "eyes" onto the side of the head and some of the other small decorative pieces. The location for gluing each piece is scored into the design, so they should be easy to line up and glue in place accordingly...
    • Take one side of the head, half of the rings (each one is a different size in one set) and one solid disk with the inner ring scored as below. Glue them together as per the below images, layering the rings up from smallest to largest (with the largest being stuck to the side of the head).

ATAT step 5 stage 1

ATAT step 5 stage 2

  • Next, take the shape (see below) with two rectangles cut out of it. You'll be able to tell from the design which piece is for which half of the head. Glue it to the relevant place (below image) on the head.

ATAT step 5 stage 3

  • Repeat this for the other side of the head.

ATAT step 5 stage 4

  • While the glue is setting for this, take the pieces for the chin guns (see below), and glue them together as per the following images (one detail piece on top of each of the lengths of the main gun section). Make sure you glue them both to the same side (i.e. top of the main piece).

ATAT step 5 stage 5

  • When the glue has set on the sides of the head, locate the following 3 pieces (2 sides of the head, and the top of the head) and glue them together as shown below.
    HINT: If you're struggling to get this straight with the gap at the bottom, then use the bottom of the head (chin) and use this temporarily while the glue sets to make sure the sides of the head are the correct distance apart. Keep in mind that only the FRONT of the chin will touch the sides of the head at this stage. To identify the chin piece, please refer to the next step.

ATAT step 5 stage 6

  • Take the bottom (chin) of the head, and glue the gun support in place as per the scored lines.

ATAT step 5 stage 7

  • Find both sets (one for each side of the head) of the below parts (one side support and "J" shapes). Glue them together as shown below. Please note that the tall side of the "J" shapes goes at the FRONT of the side support pieces (the side with the score lines on it). Repeat this for both sides of the head.

ATAT step 5 stage 8

  • Glue the assembled side support pieces into the grooves on each side of the base of the head (chin) as shown below.
    Remember that you want the slanted ends of the side support pieces to face to the FRONT of the chin (not facing towards the indents on the chin piece).

    The tall side of the J pieces face OUTWARDS, so that if you are looking down on the chin from the top, you can only see the tops of the J's.
    Make sure that the outer edges of the J's lines up with the outer edge of the chin piece, and that the top of the side piece support sits flat against the under side of the chin.

    Repeat for both sides.

ATAT step 5 stage 9

  • Take the two thin side detail pieces (shown below) and glue them on the INSIDE of the head, on each of the two sides, as shown below. The radius end is pointed towards the back of the head, the end with scored lines on it faces the front. Make sure the scored lines also face outwards so that you can still see the detail from the sides when the head is fully asssembled.

ATAT step 5 stage 10

ATAT step 5 stage 10 (a)

  • Take the chin and glue it to the rest of the head. The grooves in the sides of the chin should rest neatly against the side support pieces. The chin piece effectively sits inside the head, as the cut edges of the chin should touch the inner faces of the sides of the head.

ATAT step 5 stage 11

  • Take the front of the head and the following panels. The tabs on the two truncated triangles slot into the two rectangular holes on the left and right of the head. Make sure the scored lines on the truncated triangles face outwards so the detail is visible when fully asembled.

ATAT step 5 stage 12

  • The top and bottom rectangles are then glued partially in the top and bottom slots, and supported by the truncated triangles as shown below.

ATAT step 5 stage 13

  • Next, glue the rectangle with an inner radiused rectangular cutout on the top of the previous four pieces, to create the front panel. Make sure it sits square.

ATAT step 5 stage 14

  • When this section has set, glue it onto the front of the head as shown below.

ATAT step 5 stage 15

  • Next. take the bottom guns and glue them to the support already in place underneath the chin, positioning the length of the guns through the two cut-outs on the bottom of the front head piece. All four sets of double lines on the length of the guns should be visible from the top of the model when looking down.

ATAT step 5 stage 16

ATAT step 5 stage 16a

  • Glue the top grill in place, on TOP of the two sides of the head that stick up / stand proud.

ATAT step 5 stage 17

  • Glue the two odd angled rectangles INSIDE the head, at the back, to cover the two holes as shown below. Make sure that the outer edge (1) sits flush against the back of the head as per the second image below, (2) touches the top of the side support on the inside of the head [to create an unbroken line along the back of the head], and (3) covers the entire hole in the side of the head.
    The two small rectangles with radius corners can then be glued on the outside of the model, on top of the rectangles just positioned, as shown in the third picture below.

ATAT step 5 stage 21a

ATAT step 5

ATAT step 5

  • Glue the back of the head in place as shown below. The back of the head sits INSIDE the head itself, so you need to apply glue to the cut edges of the back panel before you position it in the rest of the head assembly.

ATAT step 5 stage 18

  • Glue the slots of the living hinge side pieces into the relevant three slots of the sides of the head (mirrored on each side) to attach the rounded side flaps.

ATAT step 5 stage 19

  • Take the below gun pieces, and glue them into the slots in the round disk, with the piece that looks like a "T" threading through the hole in the others to hold them together firmly. The rectangles with two scored rectangles attaches to the slanted layer as shown in the image below.

ATAT step 5 stage 20

  • Glue the disks onto the disks on the sides of the head, pointing the guns in whichever position you prefer (but ideally forwards!)

ATAT step 5 stage 20a

  • Glue the other fine detail pieces in place as per the images below. Remember that both sides of the head are symmetrical, but the top is not.

ATAT step 5 stage 21


Ok, now take a deep breath and have a well-deserved break, because you're done! All that's left to do is to fit the body parts together;

1. Glue the head to the neck. Make sure it is completely set before carrying on.

2. Attach the top and bottom of the back/belly togther.

3. Now that you have the weight of the model, you can attach the legs. Remember you need to glue the legs in place once you are happy with the positioning, to ensure the model stays standing. Make sure that you position the legs so that they will support the balance of the upper body/head, so that the model doesn't take a nose-dive!

4. And you're done! Well done, and thanks for following this.

You might want to paint the model now to add further detail (the first version was painted, but I've yet to decide if I prefer the new version painted or natural). We'd love to see your completed models! Email us your pictures and we'll add them to this page! Thanks for taking part!

ATAT complete