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Buying-Selling Privately

Buying and Selling CTR laser machines privately

IMPORTANT: please be aware that this does not include machines bought from our nominated distributors.


If you are privately buying or selling a machine originally built or supplied by CTR, then please be aware that the warranty originally supplied to the company or persons who bought the machine from CTR does not transfer to the new owners.


CTR will, where possible, continue to offer support on the CTR laser machine, but all support will be chargeable at our current standard rates – please contact us for a service estimate. This includes phone support being chargeable, whether the customer or CTR make the call. In this effect, CTR will only phone the new owner once a purchase order has been raised to cover the work, and Technical Support Engineers can only speak directly to the contact once a purchase order has been received to cover the work.


Callouts, where an engineer needs to visit your site, will also be chargeable at our standard rates, along with all parts.


If you are the new owner of a second-hand CTR laser machine, please contact CTR directly if you have an issue with your machine, and a service estimate/quotation can be raised based on your laser machine specification and the issue you report.


In cases where the full value is not used on the current call, small values will be left on your account ready for the next call, unless specially requested by yourselves to be refunded, while larger amounts will be refunded back to you.


Please be aware that if the machine has not been serviced by a CTR engineer since the machine was purchased by the new owners, we will only be able to offer limited support via email/phone, as we cannot guarantee the status of the machine, whether any modifications have been made or similar.


To fully benefit from CTR technical support, we suggest having a general service carried out by a CTR engineer on the laser machine when it has been purchased by the new owner(s). Our records will then be updated with the machine specification, and we will be better able to offer support on the laser machine via phone/email at our standard rates.


For general maintenance information, please visit our support pages here.