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CO2 RF Laser Powers

CO2 LaserTubes and Powers

We can offer a range of laser powers and types of laser to suit your requirements.

We currently offer DC (CO2) lasers, which are glass laser tubes, and Rofin RF (CO2) laser tubes which are metal. Please see the table lower down in this page for a direct comparison.


About RF (CO2) Laser Powers

RF laser powers offer a number of advantages, including;

  • 24 months warranty (your laser machine warranty is also upgraded to 24 months free of charge!)
  • More than 25,000 hours of use*
  • Powers ranging from 100W to 400W
  • A sharper (smaller) dot size, to give you a finer cut which is particularly helpful for very fine work (i.e. scoring lines on an architectural model).
  • Faster cutting speeds than using the same watts DC laser power.
  • A straighter cross-section than DC laser powers.
  • A finer kerf (amount of material removed by the laser cutting process), giving you higher accuracy with many materials

* Laser tube life will depend on the power of the laser tube, the materials being processed, and the environmental conditions in which the laser is operating.


All of our CTR laser machines now come with an optional upgrade to RF laser powers, and if you want to change to RF in the future, upgrade paths are available. If you already have a CTR laser machine, you can upgrade to an RF laser power - please contact our sales team for more details.


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About Rofin

Rofin-Baasel UK, based in Daventry in the Midlands is the sales, service and training centre for customers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. With 28 employees in Daventry, and 3 in the Republic of Ireland, they are well-placed to offer local sales, application, and technical assistance. Their facility is more than 900m2, and they keep an extensive range of lasers on-site for training and applications support, backed up by a global network of factories in the Rofin group. A comprehensive stock of spare parts and consumables are also readily available to support their customers with rapid response.

Their speciality is laser material processing solutions and they provide both laser sources and turnkey laser systems to suit the widest range of applications in laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting and laser surface treatment.

Rofin was founded in 1975 and is one of the largest global industrial laser source and system manufacturers. Listed on the NASDAQ since 1996, Rofin operates in the widest range of markets and territories.

Rofin SR series laser powers

What Do Rofin Offer?

Laser sources from ROFIN are used in the most demanding applications where excellent beam quality, low running costs, high reliability and low maintenance are required.

In power levels, wavelengths, pulse durations and frequencies to match your application, a ROFIN source guarantees leading edge design and build quality.

(taken from the website)


What are the differences between DC and RF lasers?

  DC (CO2) laser power RF (CO2) laser power
Available Powers 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 125W, 200W, 400W
Warranty 3 - 12 months (depending on laser power) 24 months
Laser Life (hours of use)* 1,200 - 10,000 hours of use (depending on laser power) 25,000 hours of use