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Design File_Skeleton

Laser cutting moving paper hinges

In January 2018 we designed and laser cut a skeleton from paper. The file is available for download by clicking on the image below.

Human skeleton laser cut paper with moving joints

The design file includes 14 four leaf clover / flower shapes are designed to work as hinges.

The design file also includes 28 round disks, which are used to cover the top and bottom of the hinges.


Take one of the flower shapes and bend ONE of the four leaves up at a 90 degree angle.

Bend the OPPOSITE leaf 90 degrees in the SAME direction.


Now bend the other two leaves 90 degrees in the opposite direction (so 2 point up, and 2 point down).


Push one PAIR of leaves through one of the circular joint/pivot holes in the skeleton.

Push the other pair of leaves through the joint/pivot hole on the second piece of paper, which you want to hing together.

Flatten the four leaves as much as the material will allow, to secure the pivot paper. This should allow the two pieces of paper to pivot.


To reinforce and cover the hinge, take two of the circle disks. Glue one to top side of the flower, and one to the bottom. MAKE SURE you only glue the disk to the flower pivot point and not to the pieces of paper/card you want to move, otherwise you will glue the entire pivot in place and it will not move.