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Drawing to Engraving

CTR - Concept To Reality

How to laser engrave your drawn picture on a product.

Step 1 - Get ready to create the image

How it all began - one piece of paper and a black marker pen.

CTR laser engraving image step 1

Step 2 - Create the image

Add your imagination, some time and...

CTR laser engraving image step 2.1 CTR laser engraving image step 2.2 CTR laser engraving image step 2.3 CTR laser engraving image step 2.4

Step 3 - Get your image onto your PC

You can either scan or photograph (digital cameras only!) your drawing to get this into an electronic format.

CTR laser engraving image step 3

Step 4 - Edit the image

Using your software of choice, you can either

1. Import the electronic (scanned/photographed) black and white image of your original drawing into the laser software directly to run


2. Run the electronic (scanned/photographed) version of your drawing through CAD software...

Trace the image...

to get a vector outline...

and make any minor adjustments you require.

Save the file in DXF file format, and you are ready to go.

Step 5 - Source your materials (to engrave on)

Time for a break and a quick trip to the shops for your material (in our case, the pumpkin!)

TIP Make sure you choose something that will fit in your laser machine!

CTR Laser pumpkins

Step 6 - Laser Engrave with your CO2 Laser Machine

Now comes the fun part...

Load your material (the pumpkin!) into your CO2 laser machine. Enter the relevant settings, and off you go!

A few minutes later you have the finished product.

CTR Laser engraved Halloween pumpkin CTR laser engraved pumpkin detail

Remember, you can play around and do the same design on different materials to produce a very different effect.

You can laser engrave card...

CTR laser engraved Halloween card

Laser engrave glass jars with a rotary attachment...

CTR laser engraved glass jar Halloween candle

Or do different designs on the original material...

CTR laser engraved pumpkin face

Your imagination is the limit.


More Concept To Reality projects will be coming soon, to show you different ways to get your designs and ideas into a lasered product.