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These are some of the questions we are most frequently asked about the different types of laser equipment, as well as about our own great laser machines.

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Why should I buy a laser machine?

Laser machines are a highly versatile method of altering the properties of materials - laser cutting, laser engraving, etching, marking etc.
Lasers are the ideal technology for working in a wide range of job types and applications. They can both cut and engrave a wide range of materials, giving you professional products in a few simple steps.

CO2 lasers offer you the ability to cut and engrave varying thicknesses of materials such as acrylic, MDF, plywood, paper/card and many, many more!

For metal cutting there are a range of technologies available, depending on your requirements: high-powered CO2 (RF) lasers, fibre lasers, plasma cutters and waterjet machines.

Please contact our sales team to find out which machine is best for your specific requirements.