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Joined Up Lettering

How to design your own joined-up lettering

Have you ever wanted to design lettering that is joined together so that it can be cut out of a single piece of material? 

Are you fed up of manually editing the vector file to produce the desired results?

Here are six easy and detailed steps on how to produce the finished product in just a few minutes...


The following steps can be carried out in any good CAD package (i.e. CorelDRAW, AI) where you have the option to create text, convert files to images, and trace images into vectors.


  1. Write the text you want to use.
    In your chosen CAD software package, use the text tool to write the lettering you want to work with.
    Joined up lettering - step 1
  2. Format the text.
    You want to move the text so that the letters overlap. This can be done by adjusting the kerning, adding in paragraphs and generally dragging the text to where you want it. Now is also the time to make sure you have changed the lettering to the desired font, as there's no going back from here!
     Joined up lettering - step 2
  3. Add details.
    Add in any other details you may want in the final design, for example other images that will be cut, borders etc.
    Make sure that the design is only in black and white, where the black shows the part that you want to cut out and keep. White will be the throw-away parts.
    Joined up lettering - step 3
  4. Convert to image.

    In your CAD software, use the relevant steps / tools to convert your file to an image. You want this to be a single image file. You don't have to set the image as black and white, but this will make the next step easier.
    Joined up lettering - step 4
  5. Trace to vector.

    Now we need to convert the image file back into a vector. Again, use the relevant steps and tools in your CAD system to do this. You want the finished result to be a vector outline of the image.
    Joined up lettering - step 5
  6. Ready to Laser...

    You now have your outline vector file.
    Joined up lettering step 6.1

    This can be exported in your chosen format (i.e. DXF) ...

    Joined up lettering - step 6.2

    and imported into your laser machine to be cut out of the desired material.

    Joined lettering - step 6.3 final result

    and of course you can post-process them too!

    A house is not a home without a dog - joined up lettering laser cut

 Have fun!