Laser Cutting Machines For Schools And Universities

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Laser Cutters for Schools and Universities

Laser Cutters for Schools and Universities

There are a wide range of sectors where laser machines are becoming extremely important, and education is certainly one of them. CTR Lasers has been providing laser cutters for schools and universities since 2004, and our products can bring a range of superb opportunities with them, helping students achieve amazing results in design assignments and projects. C02 laser cutting is essentially a precise way of cutting a range of materials, such as cardboard, acrylic, wood, leather, MDF and fabrics among various others.

Laser Cutters for Universities and Schools with First-Class Support

We have a range of British manufactured and British designed laser cutters for universities and schools, and all of our products will come with full warranty. CTR Lasers aims to offer support of the highest standard, and rather than just delivering your product, we will install it, offer unlimited support for trained individuals and provide full operator and routine machine maintenance training. Laser cutters for schools and universities can be delivered throughout the UK, while shipping costs are always calculated on an individual basis, mainly depending on your school or university’s location.

Purchasing School and University Laser Cutting Machines

Many teachers and students have ultimately invested in their own laser cutting equipment, and it’s only when you use a laser cutter on a regular basis that you begin to realise just how effective and essential it is as a design tool. If you’re a current or former student, or perhaps even a teacher looking to improve the standard of design work, then our laser cutters for schools and universities may be ideal for you.

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