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CO2 Laser cutting is a very clean and precise way to cut a wide range of materials including acrylic, cardboard, fabrics, textiles, wood, leather, MDF and more.

Our new range of fibre laser machines and plasma cutting machines means that that we will be able to satisfy the needs of high precision sheet metal companies working typically between 0.5mm to 4mm in thickness. The range of MicroStep machines we offer allow for greater metal cutting thicknesses and specialist applications, such as pipe cutting and more.

CTR's British CO2 laser machines come with a range of laser powers, including standard CO2, high-quality diamond tubes and RF laser sources.

Larger, industrial-purpose laser machines utilise other technologies such as fibre laser, plasma cutting and waterjet cutting technology.

Our development of machines incorporating Fiber laser technology means that that we will be able to satisfy the needs of high precision sheet metal companies working typically between 0.5mm to 4mm in thickness. CTR are also the distributors for MicroStep machines, offering a new range of industrial machines including fibre lasers, plasma cutters, waterjet cutters and more. 

You can contact us and find out more about the machines we provide by calling the main office on 0844 800 4727 or 01604 675 417 or via email.

The advantages of choosing a CNC laser cutting machine over other cutting methods are clear to see.
Versatile: CTR laser cutting machines can be customised for your specific industrial or educational applications and our machines can easily be adjusted for a wide range of materials. One-off prototype models, small or larger production runs are all easily catered for with a laser machine. CTR also offers a bespoke design and build service for specialist applications – current projects will be adapted and may become part of our extended standard range.
Precise: CTR’s laser cutting machines can cut a wide range of materials to a high degree of accuracy, ensuring top results every time - even intricate or complex detail can be produced effectively.
Fast: because laser cutting is faster than traditional techniques, you can achieve greater output and increased productivity, giving you a better return on your investment and ultimately leading to more profitability!
Safe and Clean: laser cutting is a contact-free cutting process - materials do not need to be clamped down or adjusted and the laser machines never expose the operator to moving parts. All CTR machines are fully tested, CE approved and comply with industry safety standards. This is a clean and efficient process, especially when used in conjunction with a CTR filtration/ventilation system.
Ease of use: whether you are new to laser cutting or an expert, CTR laser cutting machines are easy to operate. Once the design software file has been imported and the laser settings adjusted, it is as simple as operating a microwave, laser printer or CD player!
Value: CTR laser cutting machines represent excellent value for money. The compact machine footprint compared to the working bed size makes CTR laser machines an extremely attractive option.

CTR Laser Cutting Machine Lens

CTR laser machines are ideal for cutting and engraving an extensive range of materials.

Each of our CO2 laser cutting machines are designed for clean-cutting a wide range of organic materials including cloth, card, wood, plywood, leather, laminates, plastics, TPE and many others. Acrylic is particularly impressive with its polished appearance, often requiring no further treatment. CO2 laser can engrave coated metals such as anodised aluminium and painted metals or can mark metals such as stainless steel using a metal-marking spray. Our new range of machines offers metal cutting ability using advanced fibre, plasma or waterjet technology.

Each British CO2 laser cutting machine comes with:

  • Air assist pump
  • Sealed electronic water cooling unit
  • Extraction equipment
  • Laser design software
  • On-site installation
  • Full operator training
  • On-site warranty
  • Unlimited support


Helpful Hints: Please note that it is important to note the relevance of POWER and CUTTING AREAS in deciding which laser machine is best for your specific requirements.

You need to choose the cutting area that suits the material size you use, but remember that you need the correct laser power for your work. Cutting in one pass will always give the best results!


CTR offer a range of machines which are ideal for cutting and engraving an extensive range of materials, so contact our experienced staff now to find out which machine is best for you.

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