Laser Machines In Industry

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Lasers in Industry

Laser Machines in Industry

It is quite amazing just how far reaching lasers have become in a relatively short period of time, various forms of laser technology is now common place in the daily lives of millions if not billions of people across the globe...

  • Medical procedures have benefited from lasers – lasers are used in various treatments such as eye operations, dentistry, laser healing, bloodless surgery, cosmetic surgery, acne, skin treatments and hair removal.
  • Scientific research, military and law enforcement agencies all use lasers in one form or another.
  • Entertainment has changed forever, CD Players, Blu-Ray DVD Players and dazzling laser light shows all owe their success to laser technology.
  • The use of laser technology in Industry and Commercial Product Development has been established for a number of years now and its use in a growing range of applications continues to expand.


Due to the development of different types of lasers, an great variety of metallic and non-metallic materials can be cut, engraved, etched or marked, often too a very high degree of accuracy and at high speed.

Depending on the type laser source and power output, laser machines can process a wide range of materials and material thicknesses from very thick steel plate to fine gauge non-ferrous sheet, cutting of fabrics and textiles, engraving of metals, glass, plastics, ceramics, stone and granite to card, paper, leather and more. The laser marking of products requiring bar codes, unique serial numbers, VIN numbers and identification data is another area that is experiencing widespread growth.

Laser Machine Samples


From low volume prototypes, to small production batches, through to large production runs; laser cutting, engraving and etching machines are making their mark!

The development of laser technology for industrial systems and commercial purposes means that small to medium businesses can now view laser machines as an affordable investment and see good returns in the short term.

Many small and medium sized businesses we have spoken to have heard of or have been thinking seriously about ways of using laser machines for their industry, but have been put off by expensive, over-specified systems from multinational companies or are wary of very cheap imports offering poor quality with no back up available to anyone over the internet – and rightly so!

This is where CTR Lasers can benefit your business – how so? CTR Lasers are based in central UK and have moved forward from being suppliers of laser cutting and engraving machines, CNC routers, vinyl cutting plotters and materials to being the UK's leading designer, manufacture and suppliers of CNC laser cutting and engraving machines.

  • Our mid-range TMX90 and TMX12 laser machines are designed and manufactured in Britain to exacting standards and offer small and medium sized businesses a very versatile product at an affordable price – plus the feeling of pride that comes from investing in British Manufacturing!
  • For a larger bed size CTR have designed and developed the TMK15 machine, again designed and manufactured in Britain specifically with British industry in mind. This impressive machine has a pull out knife blade bed for easy access to load and unload. The TMK15 can easily be adapted for specialist industry applications and comes with options for a number of different power outputs.
  • Last, but not least is the TMX65 – often referred to as our ‘entry level machine’ the TMX65 is extremely popular with educational establishments and small start-up businesses. Manufactured in-house at our Northampton site in England, the TMX65 offers an excellent quality laser cutting and engraving machine at a very competitive price.

All of our British laser cutting and engraving machines leave our UK factory fully checked and tested to ensure they conform to European and British standards and are correctly CE marked ready for onsite installation by our experienced technicians, plus - the major difference - lifetime technical support is included as standard!

Why look elsewhere? Make CTR your choice, and ‘make it now’ with a CTR laser cutting and engraving machine!

Do you have a larger industrial application? The MicroStep machines CTR offer cover a wide range of manufacture...

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