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Delrin® is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts that require high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability - it is very well-suited for laser engraving. The material absorbs light from the laser and converts it to heat. The heat causes the material that is directly in the path of the laser to rapidly melt and vaporize (ablation). Cut edges will be smooth and clean. Delrin is commonly used for mechanical gears, sliding parts (e.g. bushings) and electrical insulation. Laser marking on Delrin is commonly used for parts identification and pocket seals.

How does laser engraving of Delrin for seals work?

The positive relief (male) is produced with white letters on a black background and the negative relief (female) is inverted and mirrored, then inserted into embossing pliers to create embossed seals on paper.

What other materials can I process?

As with all our CO2 laser machines, you can also process a wide range of materials including rubber (stamps), acrylic, paper, card, wood, glass, fabrics/textiles and foams.