CTR Lasers - Materials-Foam

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Foam and filter mat cutting with a laser machine will produce cleanly fused and sealed edges and is ideal for suitcase inserts or padding, seals and artistic applications like souvenirs or photo frames.

Foams made of polyester (PES), polyethylene (PE), polyurethane (PUR) or Neopren® are well suited for laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking.

What is special about laser cutting foam?

Precise laser cutting using a CTR laser machine is flexible and efficient for rapid prototype construction through to full series production.

Will I need to fix/clamp the material in the working area?

Not at all.. There is no physical contact between the laser and the material whilst being processed just place the material and start the laser process. For really light materials we have the option of installing a vacuum bed. This means neither clamping nor any other type of fixation is required.