Metal Cutting Machines

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Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting Machines

CTR provide an increasing range of machines for cutting metals.

The type of machine or technology suited to your work will depend on the specifics of your application(s), and may include a range of the following machine types.

Fibre lasers

For cutting sheets metals.

Our new range of compact British fibre lasers will be released shortly!

For larger industrial applications MicroStep fibre lasers are available.


Plasma cutters

These machines use plasma technology to work with sheets metals.


Pipe cutters

Designed to cut metal pipes for construction and similar applications.


Waterjet cutters

Utilise high-pressure jets of water to slice through sheet metals.

Waterjet cutting machines are also ideal for working with materials where reaction to heat is an issue, as the use of water instead of a laser power dramatically reduces the heat involved in cutting.


High Power CO2 Lasers

High CO2 laser powers can be used to cut sheet metals.

Lower power CO2 lasers are typically designed for working with a range of non-metal materials, but fitting a laser power of 400W or higher enables to laser to cut through thin metals including 3mm Mild Steel. This means you also retain the ability to cut through the non-metal materials such as acrylics, woods and more, giving you an incredibly versatile machine.


Please see our product or information pages for more details, or contact our sales team for advice on which machine type is best suited for your application.