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Metal Marking Spray

Metal Marking Spray

CO2 laser machines cannot naturally mark onto plain metals, as the type of laser power bounces back from the metal surface. Exceptions to this are coated metals such as anodised aluminium, painted metals and various other coatings that the CO2 laser machine can affect.

To mark on plain metals such as mild steel, stainless steel or other metal surfaces, a CO2 laser machine will require assistance to mark the surface. This can be in the form of a metal marking spray, tape or paste.

Metal marking solutions are designed to create a dark mark on the metal surface. This is a semi-permanent mark which is scratch resistant, and can give excellent results for trophy name plates, machine labelling, embellishing personalised products and many more applications.

The following steps are required for a CO2 laser machine to etch onto stainless steel with a metal marking spray.

In this example, we have used a stainless steel metal tag, which will be engraved with medical details.

  1. Prepare your metal product for engraving.

    The metal will need to be clean (grease will reduce the effectiveness of the spray) and dry before you begin. You will need to remove any surplus parts of the product that may get in the way when engraving, such as the metal chain, and cover any parts you do not want the spray to touch, such as the clip on this tag which we covered with masking tape.
    CO2 laser metal marking - step 1

  2. Apply the metal marking spray.

    When your product has been prepared, spray the metal surface with your metal marking spray. Instructions on how best to apply the spray can be found on the aerosol can, or can be obtained from reputable suppliers. An even coating of the spray will produce more consistant results when engraving.
    You must allow the spray to dry fully before you proceed to the next step (this typically takes a few minutes, but will vary depending on the type of spray and how thickly the spray has been applied - you do NOT need a very thick coating of the spray, but if the layer is too thin the engraving may be patchy).
    CO2 metal marking spray

  3. Laser engrave on the metal.

    You can now load your metal product into your laser machine and engrave your design on the coated surface. You can use trial and error to ascertain the settings required for the metal, or the supplier of the metal spray, or your laser machine supplier may be able to assist with the type of settings required for this engraving.
    CO2 laser engraved metal stainless steel

  4. Clean the metal.

    Using clean water and a soft cloth if required, gently wash the remaining spray off your product.
    CO2 metal engraving - wash the product

  5. Done

    That's it - you're done. You are now ready to present your finished product to the client, package it for sale or use it as desired.
    CO2 laser engraved metal diabetic tag