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How Does Laser Cutting Work?
4th March 2019

Laser cutting offers a high quality finish, without the exhausted time frame – no wonder it's now one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world. Laser cutters are considered a vital piece of equipment for many industries, whilst they can be used to precisely cut through variety of materials. So how exactly does laser cutting work?

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CTR are CHAS accredited

CTR are CHAS accredited.

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How much does it cost to run a laser cutting machine?
28th April 2017

If you are a large business or a small up and coming firm, a laser cutting machine is a wise investment.

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Windows 10 software
2nd September 2016

A guide to help you install your laser software on Windows 10 operating systems.

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What are the Benefits of a Laser Machine?
21st July 2016

A laser machine is a real investment for many businesses. Lasers can perform a wide range of tasks and carry out numerous different functions depending on the needs of your company.

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Ideal Uses for CTR Laser Engravers
8th June 2016

Laser engraving machines have a vast range of uses and have completely changed the face of the engraving industry.

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Using a Metal Cutting Machine
7th December 2015

Metal cutting machines are incredibly powerful tools, and CTR Lasers supply a number of different options which can fulfil various purposes within your business.

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Create Joined Up Lettering
24th November 2015

New tutorial - how to create joined up lettering.

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Safe Laser Machine Operation
16th November 2015

Here are some top points on how to operate your laser machine safely.

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CTR Drawing to Engraving
23rd October 2015

Check out the first of our Concept To Reality projects, showing how to laser engrave from a drawing.

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The Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machines Over Other Cutting Methods
6th October 2015

CNC laser cutting machines from CTR Lasers provide a technologically advanced solution to your cutting needs. There are a number of reasons why these machines give you many advantages over other methods of cutting. CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’, so processes are automated, offering high levels of quality and precision.

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Laser Cutting v Engraving
30th June 2015

CTR Lasers stock a broad range of cutting and engraving machines, and we’re often asked to name the differences between the two. The main difference is the machine’s lens itself, and more specifically the length of the lens.

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Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership
24th December 2014

NEP - Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and Northamptonshire County Council.

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Master Cut Plasma Cutters – Versatile and Reliable
6th June 2014

CTR Lasers only provide high quality plasma cutters with a reliable build quality, and the MasterCut and the MC compact really do work well in a range of industries from small workshops to large factories. 

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Industrial Laser Cutting – British Machines Built to British Standards
7th May 2014

Laser cutting is often integrated into a range of business processes, and industrial laser cutting requires resilient machines that are capable of moving through a hefty workload.

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Laser Cutting for Schools and Universities
30th April 2014

Design and Technology (DT) has been an important part of the National Curriculum for numerous years but the face of the subject has changed over time.

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Windows 7 PC upgrade
5th March 2014

How will updating your laser machine's PC to Windows 7 affect your laser?

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Laser Machines for Branding
27th February 2014

Business branding involves spreading the word about your company, and laser machines can play a part in sharing your business’s message. 

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The Precision and Power Behind Water Jet Cutting Machines
2nd January 2014

Cutting solid materials with water can be difficult to comprehend, yet pure water or abrasive cutting by water jet cutting machines is becoming more common.

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Laser Cutting Machines with Maximum Precision
3rd December 2013

CTR Lasers has a variety of laser cutting machines available, suitable for a range of materials, including wood, acrylic, cardboard, leather and MDF as well as various other materials, with cutting thicknesses defined by the laser power – from paper thin to thicker sheet woods or metals.

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CTR join the Northampton Chamber of Commerce
11th October 2013

CTR are now members of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce...

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ABP: Plasma/oxyfuel weld edge preparation on pre-cut parts
2nd October 2013

Since the introduction of their plasma rotator, MicroStep have been making continuous development in the field of bevel cutting technology – improvements of the mechanics and motion control went hand in hand with the development of plasma sources and implementation of the latest cutting technologies, which resulted in the unique features of the current version:

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Popular New Waterjet Cutting Machines
30th August 2013

We have an increasing number of requests for clients looking to cut food, which is an idea application for our AquaCut waterjet cutting machine.

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NEW British Laser Machine TMK15

CTR's new British designed and manufactured TMK15 laser is now available!

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