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Benefits of Pipe Cutting Machines
26th March 2021

Modular pipe and profile cutting machines made waves in the world of pipework fabrication. As the demand for pipe materials continues to soar, technology evolves at a rapid pace.

Today's pipe cutters are designed for a wide range of projects, such as tank, pipeline and power plant construction industry applications. As a result, these powerful, precise and efficient machines can prove to be a wise investment for steel specialists. Pipe cutter machines are primarily designed for cutting through pipes, but depending on the machine, additional processes can include angle cutting, slotting, marking, notching, beveling, and hole marking.

Streamlining processes

When cutting a tube with a physical blade, metal shavings and imperfections can occur, meaning additional cleaning and shaping processes may be required. Not only are the edges almost flawless by using a pipe cutting machine, but the slag from the cutting process can be collected with ease, with a waste collection drawer. Many laser cutters provide automatic loading, alignment, and unloading, minimising the need for operators to perform multiple processes.

A wide range of cutting techniques

Many activities benefit from CNC machinery's high level of control and precision, and laser cutting is no exception. Depending on the equipment, laser tube cutting machines may be used to make angle cuts, slots, etchings, bevel cuts, and more — in addition to vertical cuts. Traditional laser cutters can perform many of these tasks as relatively well, but they aren't designed to work with cylindrical materials.

Stronger tube ends

Aside from making cleaner cuts, another advantage of using a laser pipe cutting machine is that no mechanical force is needed to create the cut. A CNC punching machine will normally use physical force to break through the material being cut, putting tension on the surrounding material and potentially weakening it. Using a laser cutter means the pipes are likely to be stronger at each end.

Specialist purposes

If your company gets a lot of requests for custom-shaped tubes, a laser tube cutting machine will boost performance and efficiency, maximising throughput for creating custom-cut tubing. Our PipeCut machine is a fine example, delivering a wide variety of pipe and profile cutting possibilities for various industrial and applications in offshore, lifting, agriculture, pipelines, power plant, steel construction and shipbuilding sectors.

Seam detection

Many cutting-edge laser cutting machines include software to detect seams, with cameras and light sources to distinguish seams inside and outside the tube. Once located, the machine will rotate the tube to mitigate any potential issues. These are just a few of the advantages that modern pipe laser cutting machines bring to businesses of all sizes.

If you'd like to learn more about our CNC pipe cutting machines, please click here. You will also discover a video showing one of our powerful and precise pipe cutting machine systems in action.