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benefits of using a vinyl cutting machine

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Benefits of using a vinyl cutting machine
22nd January 2018

Vinyl cutting machines offer much more than a cost effective avenue for producing your own signage. There are so many advantages that come from owning such a machine and we’re going to talk you through a few of the key benefits in this article.  

Heavyweight use and low running costs

Every vinyl cutter system we supply is built to last and can handle media rolls from the smallest width up to 1360mm, and cutting widths up to 1220mm. What’s more, each machine comes complete with everything required to run the machine, meaning you only need to connect it to your computer and you're all set to go. When we say everything we mean it, so you’ll even have spare blades, a cloth cover, cables, plotting penholder and sign software, whilst loading the provided software onto your PC is easy. Simply connect the vinyl cutting plotter of your choice and start creating professional vinyl signage. 

Speed without sacrificing quality 

With CTR Lasers, you have speeds that are impressive with excellent quality. The knife quickly and precisely cuts the outline of design into a piece of vinyl, giving you exceptional quality every time. Speed is of course important, but so too is precision and we believe our machines have the perfect balance. 

Software to make sign making easier

Each vinyl cutting system comes with two different sign making programs as standard: Artcut and Easycut. These two are perfect for designing signs and we’ve also included drivers for the Flexisign software and to run the vinyl cutting plotter from USB. If you already use CorelDRAW versions 11, 12 or 13 to design your signage files, then CutMate is the software for you! This works as an adaptor to enable you to run your designs from CorelDRAW directly to the vinyl plotter, with no need for exporting and importing files. If you need a little help getting setup or handy hints as you first begin to use the system, you’ll be pleased to know we that offer full support and backup via telephone, email and fax.

Versatility at the push of a button

A vinyl cutting machine can help you accomplish a huge range of projects, from producing labels to stickers, custom apparel designs, stencils, paper prototypes and decals. Opening the doors to all of these creations with just one machine can be a huge advantage, and it really is the best way to produce your own signage.

The blades enjoy a long life

Another huge advantage with these machines is that the build quality is excellent and the blades are designed to retain a very long life. When the time does come when you require a replacement, a new blade is keenly priced, so you can get back to cutting vinyl with speed and precision. 


If you’d love to produce your own signage, or perhaps want to speed up your current work processes with a strong, durable and precise vinyl cutter system, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today on 0844 800 4727 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.