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benefits of waterjet cutters

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Benefits of waterjet cutters
A waterjet cutter is a powerful industrial tool that uses a very focused high-pressure stream of water (and sometimes an abrasive substance like natural sand) to cut through a wide variety of materials. 
Waterjet cutting is an accelerated erosion process, with highly pressurised water projected through a ruby or diamond nozzle into a mixing chamber. This pressure creates a vacuum, bringing sand into the stream, where it is fired at the material for cutting. One of the significant advantages of using a water cutter is that the brittle cutting process delivers a smooth cutting surface with no slag or heat-affected zones. Therefore, post-processing is easier. 

No material limitations

You can cut through almost any material with waterjet cutting machines, such as composites, plastics, metals, glass, stone and ceramics. With the addition of a granular abrasive, it's possible to perform quality cuts on materials up to 200mm in thickness. Today's waterjet cutting technology brings versatility, ease of operation, and accuracy — no matter the material. 

No Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

As we've touched on, using a waterjet is ideal if you want a smooth, burr-free cut every time. With no heating of the material during cutting and no need for post-heating, there's less stress on the materials. Heat-affected zones (HAZ) can be especially problematic when working with plastics like polycarbonate and acrylics, whereas a waterjet cutting machine is perfect for the task at hand. 

No Slag or Fume Problems

Waterjets don't just deliver clean cuts — they also minimise other common problems such as slag and fumes from chemical reactions between plasma and the material. The water used in the cutting process is recycled and filtered — very little goes to waste. This reduces costs and ensures a thoroughly clean working environment for operators, making it the ideal machine for most industrial settings.

Precise Material Control

Waterjets offer precise, accurate material control and deceleration to protect edges. With no arcing, there's much less chance of inadvertent melting or warping when compared to plasma machines that require operator attention throughout the cutting process. 

No additional finishing processes

With excellent precision and a quality finish, you avoid the need for an additional finishing step. This significantly speeds up the manufacturing process while also saving time, increasing productivity. 

Increased ease in assembly

With clean edges and little or no scale, welds can be easier to work with, assembling parts faster. For many manufacturers, this means getting products to market more quickly. You may also avoid major equipment downtime by having a reliable machine that requires little or no routine maintenance.

Environmentally friendly

Waterjet cutters use water as a cutting medium to provide excellent precision without the need for toxic materials. These parts are ideal for industries with strict environmental protection laws or areas where high levels of pollution have been reported. Furthermore, you can put a water jet together with a closed-loop system so the water used during the process can be recycled and used again. This decreases a business' impact on the environment.
We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any further questions or wish to learn more about the advantages of waterjet cutting machines, please do not hesitate to call CTR Lasers today on 0844 800 4727.