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Laser Cutting for Schools and Universities
30th April 2014

Design and Technology (DT) has been an important part of the National Curriculum for numerous years but the face of the subject has changed over time.

Many schools, colleges and universities have made laser cutting and engraving machines an integral part of design projects, so much so that it’s usually the first machine students will want to book time with. CTR Laser’s range of cutting machines for schools and universities are designed to help students achieve outstanding results, which means that students can complete their courses with professional quality, aesthetically appealing and accurate work that they’re extremely proud of.

The team at CTR Lasers actively promotes Design Technology in UK schools, academies, colleges, universities and various other educational institutions because we passionately believe in encouraging British design and British manufacture.

Many graduates, teachers and former design students go on to invest in their very own laser cutting machines and that’s because they’ve experienced the benefits on a regular basis, and they know just how essential laser technology is in terms of modern manufacturing.

To find out more about laser cutting for schools and universities, or to learn about our reliable laser cutting applications, call CTR Lasers today on 0844-800-4727 or 01604-675-417.