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Laser Cutting Machines with Maximum Precision
3rd December 2013

CTR Lasers has a variety of laser cutting machines available, suitable for a range of materials, including wood, acrylic, cardboard, leather and MDF as well as various other materials, with cutting thicknesses defined by the laser power – from paper thin to thicker sheet woods or metals.

The laser cutting machines we offer are built to offer high levels of precision and they are actually rather simple to use; simply create your design file, upload it to the laser, set the power/speed for the laser and press go!

No matter how complex the design is, you’re guaranteed a high degree of accuracy each and every time. For materials of greater thicknesses or which need a different cutting solution, CTR Lasers offer a range of MicroStep industrial machines. These machines are suitable for more substantial and specialist projects, such as pipe cutting or cutting foods, while still providing the same high level of accuracy.

All of our laser cutting machines are suitable for long term industrial use and they represent exceptional value for money. If you want to use a modern cutting method that’s quick, effective and precise, contact CTR lasers today on 0844 800 4727 or 01604 675 417, or alternatively you can email us by filling out our online enquiry form.