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Laser Cutting v Engraving
30th June 2015

CTR Lasers stock a broad range of cutting and engraving machines, and we’re often asked to name the differences between the two. The main difference is the machine’s lens itself, and more specifically the length of the lens.

A shorter focal length lens is equipped with laser engraving machines, delivering a finer spot size for intricate engraving. A longer focal length is used with laser cutting machines, and the lens is more tolerant of focus height variations, whilst it produces less taper in the cut edge. Laser cutting machines are optimised to cut materials at a faster speed than the specified engraving machines, and they deliver a high standard of cut and a slightly lower standard of engraving.

Engraving machines are designed to give a good laser cut and high-quality engraving, yet they lack the power needed to cut through thick materials. Whether you’re looking to cut or engrave metal, acrylic, cardboard, wood, leather or any other material, we can meet your needs. You can browse our complete range of machines on our website, and you’ll find many of our systems are British designed and manufactured.

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