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Laser Machines for Branding
27th February 2014

Business branding involves spreading the word about your company, and laser machines can play a part in sharing your business’s message. 

Laser cutting and laser engraving can be used to increase brand awareness, which can include etching your business logo into small yet significant everyday workplace items, including coasters, key rings, and larger areas such as signs and shop displays. Laser cutting can ensure your business stays at the top of an individual’s mind, and it can make your business instantly recognisable over time.
Adding a unique stamp to your own products can also be beneficial, and it can be as simple as using laser machines to engrave product codes and information on small items, product serial plates, or adding your name and logo to each of your products directly. 

Our British C02 laser engraving machines are ideal when it comes to etching clear and precise designs on a wide range of materials including coated metals, acrylics, cardboard, fabrics, woods, leather and MDF among many others. This huge material range allows you to directly mark a massive range of products, which can essentially give businesses more opportunities in terms of building their brand awareness.

CTR Lasers has helped a range of companies spread their message with engraving – no design is too detailed for our specialist cutting systems!


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