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Master Cut Plasma Cutters – Versatile and Reliable
6th June 2014

CTR Lasers only provide high-quality plasma cutters with the reliable build quality, and the MasterCut and the MC compact really do work well in a range of industries from small workshops to large factories.

The MasterCut machine is designed to offer precision cutting with high definition plasma sources and it benefits from the user-friendly PC-based CNC control system iMSNC. There are several variations of this machine which are available and the MasterCut can be tailored to suite client’s particular requirements.

The MasterCut Compact is designed for middle-sized companies and it is essentially a more compact version of the MasterCut. Like all of the plasma cutters provided by CTR lasers, both of these machines are designed to meet comprehensive safety and environmental standards. Both metal cutting machines offer a wide range of optional accessories, including a second touch screen on the gantry, a tilting tool station and a Gm multi-torch tool station.

Productivity is maximised with these MasterCut machines, aided by the ability to simultaneously cut using up to six oxyfuel torches.

To find out more about our MasterCut plasma cutters or to speak to a member of our team about our various other cutters available simply contact our team today via email or by calling 0844-800-4727 or 01604-675417.