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the advantages of cnc laser cutting machines over other cutting methods

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The Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machines Over Other Cutting Methods
6th October 2015

CNC laser cutting machines from CTR Lasers provide a technologically advanced solution to your cutting needs. There are a number of reasons why these machines give you many advantages over other methods of cutting. CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’, so processes are automated, offering high levels of quality and precision.

We have a brand new range of fibre laser machines and high definition plasma cutting machines available which can be relied on for accurate metal cutting results. This makes complex or intricate designs easy to achieve to a high standard.

It doesn’t just have to be complex designs with our CO2 lasers, though. These machines are highly versatile, so investing in a CNC Laser Cutting Machine can help you meet a wide range of requirements. They can cut a range of different materials, including acrylic, cardboard, fabric, textiles, wood, leather, MDF and even some sheet metals. CTR Lasers can supply machines to suit a variety of purposes, from pipe cutting to sheet metal production. 

These machines don’t hang around – they get the job done quickly as well as precisely. Laser technology is faster than more traditional techniques and usually with less post-processing, so you can rely on our products to speed up your processes. This has obvious implications for your business, because you’ll be able to carry out more work in less time and increase your productivity.

Laser technology is a powerful tool, but it’s very simple to use. The setup process involves importing a design file to instruct the machine, select the parameters for your materials and you’re set. It’s incredibly safe for operators to use because no moving parts are exposed, and our machines are CE approved.

Whilst these machines encompass the latest technological advances, they also represent excellent value for money. A CNC laser cutting machine is a powerful asset for your business, and you can make excellent returns on your investment.