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the precision and power behind water jet cutting machines

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The Precision and Power Behind Water Jet Cutting Machines
2nd January 2014

Water Jet Cutting Solutions

Cutting solid materials with water can be difficult to comprehend, yet pure water or abrasive cutting by water jet cutting machines is becoming more common. Water jet cutting can be applied to stone, metal, marble, armoured glass, plastics, ceramics, wood, corrugated cardboard, rubber and many other widely used materials.

These cutting machines can cope extremely well with curved and straight lines, and because the systems use pure water, conductive products will not be heat-damaged. High quality finishes can also be achieved with high-precision water jet cutting machines, and the AquaCut CNC machine is an exceptional example; capable of cutting highly detailed designs.

The AquaCut system offers a 5-axis water jet rotator, and can be combined with a camera for profiling, or a drilling and tapping station. It benefits from user friendly modern interfaces; a single operator console with a TFT touch screen, and one or two panels with LCD displays to the sides.

If you want to be able to cut a wide range of specialist or thick materials in detailed patterns, then the AquaCut could be the ideal machine for you.

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