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Using a Metal Cutting Machine
7th December 2015

Metal cutting machines are incredibly powerful tools, and CTR Lasers supply a number of different options which can fulfil various purposes within your business. They offer excellent precision and accuracy, so you’ll be able to achieve consistently high quality results. Here’s a quick summary of our metal cutting machines and what they are capable of:

  • Aquacut – uses high pressure jets of water for accurate cutting. It can also be used for non-metal cutting processes i.e. food products.
  • Mastercut - designed for plasma or oxyfuel precision metal cutting applications. This machine can be fitted with pipe cutting, profile/ elbow cutting and marking abilities.
  • MC Compact – a compact version of the MasterCut machine, suitable for middle-sized enterprises and heavy metal-working industries. Allows fully automated cutting.
  • MSF – makes use of fibre laser technology. An excellent choice for the manufacturing of precise, high quality metal cut parts.
  • Pipecut – the ideal solution for tank, pipeline and power plant construction industry applications.

Have a look through some of the products which can be created with a metal cutting machine on the CTR Lasers website.

We’re sure you’ll agree, the end results are pretty impressive! Metal cutting machines are perfect for the production of parts such as gearing, tracking and assembly shapes. Our customers also use them for more intricate processes like brass cutting and have produced products like weather vanes, metal outlines and metal shapes – we use the MSF in-house to manufacture our British range of CO2 laser machines!

The options are highly versatile – a cutting machine can add real value if you work in an industry which requires precise metal cutting technology.

Speak to us about your options – we’ll be happy to help. Call 0844 800 4727 or fill in our online contact form.