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Where Can Plasma Cutters be used?
23rd April 2018

Plasma cutting followed on from plasma welding in the 1960s and with much technological advancement made over time, it remains a very effective way of cutting thin and thick materials alike. There are many industries where plasma cutters are used, and we’re going to run through a few key sectors in the article.

Salvage yards

For many salvage yards and scrapping operations in the UK, plasma cutting is very common. With a plasma cutter, it’s much easier to salvage parts from vehicles, engines and other machinery. Most yards will make money selling parts to customers but also selling scrap metal, and with the help of a plasma cutter, they can quickly cut through chunky pieces of metal, increasing their space and improving productivity.



Plasma cutters are also regularly used in manufacturing, and these are usually controlled by a computer. The machine can then create the same cut hundreds and thousands of times without making a single mistake. For many manufacturers in the UK and overseas, a plasma cutter will allow businesses to increase productivity, save money and produce high-quality products.


Automotive Repair

Another big advantage with plasma cutting is that it can be easier and more versatile than sawing or grinding, hence why many classic car enthusiasts and mechanics opt to use plasma cutters for their restoration projects.



We’ve already touched on the development of plasma cutting over the last 50 years, however, it’s important to note that today plasma cutting machines possess the ability to accurately cut intricate designs, and that’s why they’re also regularly used in the signage industry. Like in manufacturing, CNC Plasma cutters deliver accurate, high-quality cuts with no variations that can meet even the strictest tolerances. CNC machines can be programmed with a design for a sign which can then be cut hundreds or even thousands of times whilst the end result will always be the same.



Sculptors and artists will at times use plasma cutters when working with metal art. With this tool they can create very minuscule incisions, giving them the creative freedom to cut intricate designs and patterns. Some may also use plasma cutters to create metal stencils that can then be later used in various other metal art projects.



There are so many metal cutting industries and we’ve already touched on a handful, but the wonderful aspect with using plasma cutters in the education sector, like colleges, schools and universities, is that they’re used to train the next workforce.

We hope this list shows you just how versatile plasma cutters can be, but should you have any questions about any of our own plasma cutters and the industries they’re used for, please do not hesitate to call a member of our team on 0844 800 4727. Alternatively, you can email us at and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can.