TMK15 laser machine (1500 x 1300 MM) CO2 Laser Cutting Machines

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TMK15 laser machine (1500 x 1300 MM)

100W - 120W DC (CO2) or 30W - 400W RF (CO2) Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving Machine.
1550 x 1300 mm work area.
British Design, British Manufactured laser machine.

Prices from £17,300 *

Introducing our British designed and manufactured TMK15 CNC laser cutting machine, with a choice of laser power outputs to suit a wide range of industrial applications.

Following in the footsteps of the TMX12 laser machine, the floor-standing TMK15 is a powerful, large, versatile cutting-engraving laser machine.

It is ideal for those who need a large work area for both cutting and engraving, with higher power for faster processing.

* PLEASE NOTE: Price excludes VAT, delivery / installation / training and all ancilliary parts. Price is for lowest DC CO2 laser power available as standard for this machine size. Prices subject to change without notice. CTR's standard terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for a full quotation for the machine specification suitable for your work, as quotations are valid for a stated period of time (see quotation for details).

Technical Parameters *


Model Name [DC laser] TMK15
[RF laser] TMK15-A
Machine Type Laser cutting machine.
Control Interface 32 BIT DSP.
Memory 32 M flash memory in the machine for job storage.
Work Size 1550 x 1300 mm
Lens Height Adjustment 50 mm.
Laser Tube Type [DC laser] CO2 sealed glass DC *Diamond*.
[RF laser] CO2 sealed metal RF.
Available Laser Power [DC laser] 80W / 100W / 120W CO2.
[RF laser] 30W / 40W / 60W / 80W / 100W / 200W / 250W / 400W CO2.
Speed Range 0.1 mm/sec to 800 mm/sec.
Software Resolution 20,000 DPI.
Electronic Precision < 0.01 mm.
Angle Accuracy > 0.1º
Repeatability > 0.1 mm.
Hardware RD Controller
Software LightBurn
Accepted File Formats DXF, AI, PDF, HPGL, PLT, RD, SVG, LBRN
Interface USB2 and Ethernet
Driver Type X and Y micro step motor drives.

[DC laser] 12 months machine and consumables warranty.
[RF laser] 24 months warranty.

Support Unlimited, lifetime support by telephone and email.
Machine Dimensions*
(Width x Depth x Height)
2100 x 1750 x 1255 mm
[click here for a PDF of machine powers and dimensions]
Machine Weight approx. 430kg.

* To ensure easy traversing of doorways corridors etc please add 20mm to the machine dimensions displayed. Please be aware that different laser machine powers may alter the outer dimensions of the laser machine to facilitate the size of the laser tube. Please contact CTR for more information.


The below dimensions are the maximum sizes for each machine. Different laser powers may result in a more compact foot print than stated below.

Machine Footprint - 2100mm x 1750mm
Max. Work Area - 1550mm x 1300mm

The TMK15 comes with:

  • 100W or 120W Diamond DC CO2 or 30W - 400W RF (CO2) laser power.
  • A minimum of 12 months warranty: laser machine and tube.
  • Slide-out Knife-edge bar bed.
  • Air assist pump.
  • Sealed electronic water cooling unit or air cooling system, dependant on laser type (DC or RF).
  • Laser design software.
  • On-site installation.
  • Full operator training.
  • On-site warranty.
  • Unlimited support.



British Design. British Manufacture

This laser machine is designed and built in our Northamptonshire factory, to ensure quality control with the standard of this machine.

Laser tube

[DC laser] The Diamond laser tubes have increased power, starting at 80W. These tubes have an estimated life of 10,000 hours and come with 12 months warranty.
[RF laser] The metal RF laser powers we offer, from 30W to 400W, offer an outstanding >25,000 hours of use and 24 months warranty.

Knife-edge bar bed

Strong, aluminium bar bed for supporting flat, large pieces of material. These specially designed bed bars are easy to remove and clean. The bed slides forwards to enable easy loading of sheet materials.

Sealed laser cooling unit [DC laser] A complete, fully enclosed water chiller unit, with interlocks to ensure the protection of your laser tube.
[RF laser] A complete air cooling system with interlocks to ensure the protection and maximum efficiency of your RF laser.
Laser design software Easy-to-use laser software for designing or importing files to laser cut and engrave.
On-site installation One of our trained installation engineers will deliver, install and set up your products on-site to our high specification to ensure you have the best possible start.
Full operator training

One of our trained installation engineers will provide full training on how to use the software provided with your laser machine, laser operation and routine maintenance.

On-site warranty

If there is a problem with your laser machine within the warranty period, we will visit you to sort it out.

Unlimited support Total peace of mind. If you have a question about your laser machine at any time during the life of the machine, simply contact us during our normal open hours for assistance.

Please download our TMK15 laser machine sales brochure here.


Fume Filtration Unit.

CTR offer a range of fume filtration units designed for use with our larger range of laser machines.

These filtration systems range in size and are available for specific applications.

Please contact us for more information or a price quotation.

Honeycomb Bed.

We offer a custom-made honeycomb bed for part or up to the full work area of this laser for working with smaller items or softer materials such as fabrics. The honeycomb bed is easily fitted and removed into the laser so it can be put in for jobs as required, in addition to the knife-edge bar bed which is a standard feature with this laser machine.

Vacuum Bed.

CTR offer a British designed and manufactured vacuum bed with our TMK15 laser machine. This vacuum bed gives a great advantage when working with flexible materials which do not traditionally lay flat, such as leather or thin woods. This vacuum bed holds the material flat to the special honeycomb work area to give you better results when laser cutting and engraving.

People using the TMK15 laser include:

  • Plastic fabricators
  • Modelmakers
  • Leather craftsmen
  • Universities and colleges
  • Woodworkers and more.

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