AquaCut Water Jet Cutting Machines

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High accuracy cutting of metal and non-metal materials by a high pressure water beam.

AquaCut is a high-precision CNC cutting machine designed for processing of a wide variety of materials including those that cannot be subject to thermal or mechanical stresses.

More information on the AquaCut waterjet machine can be found here.

Technical Parameters *

Working length 1500 - 18000 mm
Working width 1500 - 4000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 4
Max. thickness of material cut by water 150 mm
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Positioning speed up to 50 m/min
Positioning accuracy ± 0,025 mm according to DIN 28 206
Control system MicroStep iMSNC®
X and Y guides linear guidelines

* Please note that the exact specification of the machine may vary from the above depending on the options you choose.


The below dimensions are the maximum sizes for each machine. Different laser powers may result in a more compact foot print than stated below.

Max. Work Area - 18000mm x 4000mm

The AquaCut machine is based on a precision engineered and compact framed construction and are optimally adjusted to waterjet cutting purposes for metal and non-metal materials.

AquaCut machines include the following features:

  • Optional 5-axis cutting head for accurate bevel and 3D cutting.
  • Additional plasma cutting stations.
  • Drilling and taping heads with automatic tool change.
  • Camera system to take templates into the CNC or nesting system.
  • Excellent motion dynamics.
  • Efficient and user-friendly PC-based CNC control system iMSNC®
  • Integrated remote diagnostics utilities.
  • Manual control units mounted on the gantry providing all positioning and technology control functions.
  • Environmentally safe.
The machine can be equipped with a 5-axis waterjet rotator and also combined with plasma or drilling/tapping units.

The following options accessories are available:

  • Waterjet Rotator: 5-axis rotation head for waterjet cutting enables fully automatic bevel cutting of conductive and non-conductive materials with bevel up to 40°.
  • Wm Multi-tool station: the multi-tool station carries several torches on a single Z lifter. Wm-type for a waterjet cutting machine can carry up to 4 water jets.
  • Drilling tool station BEM: BEM drilling heads are suitable for drilling of smaller diameters and smaller thicknesses. We install them on Z-axis with a manual mechanic stroke of 200 mm. Drilling equipment comes with its own pneumatic stroke.
  • CCD camera: can be attached to a tool station (e.g. plasma) or mounted on a separate tool station. It is used for:
    • scanning of the shape of template for conversion into DXF and
    • scanning of holes on plate for positioning.
  • Second touchscreen on the gantry: provides all of the functions of a standard touchscreen integrated in the MMI console. It is very helpful, especially in case of longer machines so that the operator can easily set all of the parameters (e.g. for automatic gas console for oxyfuel) directly on the gantry.

CTR MicroStep Accessories - Waterjet Rotator CTR MicroStep Accessories - CCD Camera CTR MicroStep Accessories - Drilling Tool Station

Pure water or abrasive cutting can be applied to the following materials:

  • metals
  • stone
  • marble
  • armoured glass
  • ceramics
  • plastics
  • wood
  • corrugated cardboard
  • foamed material and
  • sandwich/layered materials.

AquaCut (waterjet cut) metal samples:

CTR MicroStep AquaCut sample - waterjet cut metalCTR MicroStep AquaCut sample - waterjet cut metalCTR MicroStep AquaCut sample - waterjet cut metal


See this waterjet cutter working with 2 simultaneous rotators:

Easy to operate

MicroStep iMSNC® is one of the most advanced control systems in CNC cutting machinery.

The system provides easy, user friendly and thus reliable operation of cutting machines via modern user interfaces: a standalone operator console with TFT touch screen and one or two control panels with LCD displays on the sides of the gantry. To achieve maximum utilization and flexibility of machine operation, a standalone operator console offers the possibility to prepare and edit cutting plans simultaneously with the cutting process. Since the machine, control system iMSNC® and CAM software AsperWin® are from one producer – MicroStep – it allows to implement also non-standard requests and develop custom solutions.

  • Integrated database of tool parameters
  • Multi-tool operation
  • Automatic assignment of tool parameters to processed material
  • Full network connectivity
  • Remote diagnostics and assistance
  • Zone management with batch cutting
  • Advanced servicing software tools

Intranet applications

Intranet applications enable comfortable integration of the machine into production workflow and provide access to the machine via SQL databases and web services. MicroStep iMSNC® includes a novel web-based interface for accessing each machine from the company intranet via a web browser. Each machine has its own home page which serves as a gateway for intranet applications.

  • MicroStep Production Management (MPM) – adds computer-aided process planning (CAPP) capabilities to MicroStep solutions. An integrated system of order processing, nesting, stock control, machine operation planning and evalution helps to reduce work-inprogress, to save material, and to eliminate operator errors.
  • EkoInfo – evaluation of machine operation costs for a particular cutting program.
  • Machine Info – monitoring of machine and operator activities that enables to assign performance information to work shifts and to create specific technological records.