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Placing An Order

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The typical process for ordering a laser machine is as follows:

  1. Information. Speak to our sales team to confirm the machine best suited to your work and situation. This can involve samples, a demonstration at our Northampton site, conversations by phone and email, quotations and possibly even a site visit depending on the requirements you have. We work with you to determine the best machine specification for the work you are looking to do, factoring in any restrictions or requirements you may have.
  2. Ordering. Place your order with us. Once you have determined the machine you are looking to buy, place your order with us in writing. Once your order has been entered onto our system, this will be passed through to production to begin the manufacture of your laser machine.
  3. Production. Our UK engineers will manufacture your new machine to the specification agreed in your quotation and confirmed in your purchase order. We are constantly manufacturing machines, so for standard machines the lead time is relatively short (1-4 weeks). For more specialised machines, the lead time may be longer, but this will be confirmed once your order has been placed with us. The machine is manufactured in Northampton and commissioned, ready to be installed at your site.
  4. Installation. Once production are nearing completion of your laser machine, we will contact you to arrange a mutually agreeable installation date. A form will be sent out to you with information on the installation process so that you can ensure everything is ready for you to receive your new laser machine. Our standard procedure once the installation preparation form has been completed and sent back to us, is to send one of our experienced installation engineers to deliver your laser machine and set it up in the desired location. Training on the safety, maintenance and operation of the laser machine will then be provided, as per the installation prep. form.
  5. Warranty. Once your laser machine has been installed at your site, the machine warranty begins. Specific details of your warranty package can be found on your original machine quotation, for reference.
  6. Support. CTR offer after-sales support via phone and email. This means you can contact our UK support team and engineers during our normal opening hours (Monday - Friday, excluding public and bank holidays). We offer remote support where possible, to answer any questions you may have, and to diagnose and resolve any issues. We have engineers in the UK who can carry out site visits to service and repair your laser machine should you require assistance, or simply to carry out annual services as required.


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To place an order with us for a new laser machine, please send us a copy of your purchase order.


If you do not have a purchase order, you can use our generic layout: PDF

This can be completed by typing over the form, or printing it and hand-writing it.

Forms can be submitted via email to your sales representative, or posted to CTR's main address (please see our contact page)


Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions at any stage through the ordering process, or call the main office for assistance.