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Plasma cutters: Versatility, reliability and power

CTR Lasers is a leading provider of plasma cutters, and we’ve helped a diverse range of businesses get the system they need, from small workshops to big factories. Our plasma cutting machines are specially designed for cutting through thick metals, and this is how the technology works:

The Plasma Cutting Process

Plasma cutting is the process of melting, and thus cutting metals of different thicknesses including steel and iron. Many refer to plasma cutting as a way of slicing through metal, but what’s important to know is that it is actually a melting process whereby a plasma jet hits the piece of metal and recombination takes place. The gas then reverts to its normal state, emitting intense heat as it does so. This heat melts the metal whilst the gas flow ejects it from the cut.


Our Master Cut utilises this technology and has been designed for plasma or oxyfuel precision metal cutting, and our clients have utilised this system for pipe cutting, profile cutting and elbow marking too. The Master Cut Compact is also designed with optimum cost effectiveness in mind, however, it’s a smaller version, so it’s ideal for middle-sized industries and heavy metalworking companies.

Boost productivity with a plasma cutter from CTR Lasers

Affordable Laser CutterInvesting in plasma cutters can drastically increase productivity in your workplace. Think of a plasma cutter like a warm knife running through butter. You get a very fast cutting experience no matter how thick the conductive material is, whilst faster speeds can be achieved on thinner metals with minimal or no distortion. Another important advantage is precision. No matter how tricky the angle or shape you’d like to cut, a plasma cutter will cuts precisely with minimal slag.

Our MSF plasma cutter has been designed specifically for cutting metal materials using Fibre laser technology, or a combination of fibre laser and plasma. The superb performance is achieved by a low-seated gantry, whilst it also takes full advantage of digital AC drives and precise planetary gears. As standard, this machine is equipped with an automatic shuttle table for improved production speeds and it’s ideally suited for large businesses that require an incredibly powerful system. We also supply the PipeCut machine, which offers high-quality cutting of pipes utilising high-definition plasma as well as standard air plasma sources.

This system also enjoys excellent extraction efficiency provided by an overhead system, and has been designed to offer high-speed plasma cutting.



Buy plasma cutters from the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier

CTR Lasers has been distributing plasma cutting machines in the UK markets since 2004. Based in a central location, we’re equipped to provide our UK customers with deliveries, installations and customer support, wherever they’re based.

As our range of systems continues to grow and develop, as does our level of customer service and support. We pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money whilst providing versatility, reliability and excellent results in terms of accuracy and repeatability. What’s more, all of our laser machine systems come with our lifetime technical support just a call away; to give you guaranteed peace of mind.

To learn more about our range of plasma cutters, please feel free to send us a message on our website or call us on 0844 800 4727.