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CO2 Rotary Attachment

CO2 Rotary Attachment

CTR have designed a new rotary attachment unit for the British laser cutting and engraving machines we offer.

The rotary attachment is designed to work with cylindrical items, such as drinking glasses, drink bottles, cylindrical jars, tubes and other similar shapes.

This unit is a plug-and-play style attachment. Where the CTR laser machine is already wired to accept the rotary attachment, you simply plug this into your laser machine and off you go.

In rare instances where your machine is not currently wired to accept the rotary attachment (this can be the case with our older machines) CTR can visit your site to re-wire your machine to allow you to use the rotary attachment - please contact us for a quotation.

CTR can offer custom end fittings for specialist applications and projects - please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Please see the below images for the standard ends which are supplied with the unit.

CTR CO2 laser machine rotary attachment

CTR CO2 laser machine rotary attachment main end

CTR CO2 laser machine rotary attachment support end