CTR Lasers - Routine Maintenance

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Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance for CO2 Laser Machines

The below checks and work should be carried out as per the original training provided by CTR or one of their approved distributors. Additional training courses can be provided as required - please contact us for a quotation.



Check that the optics (mirrors and both sides of the lens) are clean and undamaged. PDF

Clear out any debris in the bottom of your laser machine, within the laser machine work area.

Check that all extraction ports, grills, vents and hoses are free-flowing.

Check that the filters are fully functional and not blocked or exhausted.

Check that the extraction of fumes from the machine is sufficient for the materials being processed.



Check the laser beam alignment. WARNING: only trained personnel should undertake this task. PDF

Clean all the extraction grills & ports in the back laser machine and ensure there is no restriction to fume extraction.

If you have linear wheels (i.e. a carriage with wheels along the linear rail):
Wipe any debris from the linear wheel tracks using a soft, dry cloth.

If you have linear bearings (i.e. linear rails with bearing blocks on them):
Clean the linear rails with a lightly oiled cloth, ensuring not to leave the rail soaked as this could cause dust to gather on the rail and introduce friction. DO NOT use lubricants such as WD40 as this will damage the bearings.


6 Monthly

Check and visually inspect the belts.



  • that the laser machine is never left to run unattended.
  • that the routine maintenance is carried out.
  • that the materials being processed are suitable for your laser machine.
  • that there is no excess of debris in the machine that is a potential fire hazard.
  • that the water in the laser tube and water cooler unit is not allowed to freeze and that the tube and electronics are free from dust. When checking the tube or electronics for dust, ensure the mains power is disconnected and only use dry air to clean.


A copy of the above can also be downloaded here. We recommend keeping a printed copy near your machine as a visual reminder.