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Subcontract work

One of the recurring comments we have from our customers is a struggle in finding a quality subcontract supplier to meet their requirements for different sizes of job.

We now offer a range of subcontract work, where we can create a specified number of parts for you, on a short lead time.

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Some of the range of facilities that we can offer you include...


Laser cutting metal

We can cut material thicknesses up to:

  • 5mm Mild Steel
  • 2mm Aluminium
  • 3mm Stainless Steel

... in sheets sizes of up to 3000mm x 1500mm


We offer a burr-free finish on mild steel, giving you less requirement for post-processing.

We supply quick and efficient cutting, to keep the prices as keen for you as possible.

We can cut directly from DXF file formats.

We offer a very fast processing and turnaround capability, even for small jobs which larger subcontract companies may sideline.


Sheet metal

We can fold up to 3,000mm length sheets!

We can accept STP and SAT files, to program off-line for the most efficient folding solution, keeping costs down for your job.

We have in-house welding capability for mild steel, for welding both individual parts and assemblies, to keep the work in one location and reduce production times.


CNC Lathe

Our in-house Doosan lathe includes self-feed capability, reducing the cost to you by speeding up production.

We can turn up to 50mm in all materials.

We offer fast turnaround times.

We work to a high level of accuracy.


CO2 laser cutting and engraving

We can cut up to 20mm thick MDF, laser ply, Acrylic and Perspex.

We can engrave on materials as diverse as wood, plastics, slate, metals, fabrics and more!


Contact us now for a no obligation quotation on 0844 800 4727.