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Technical Specification
Materials and Emissions
Health and Safety
How often do I need to replace my filters?
Replacing Your Filters
Re-set Your Filter System (after replacing your filters)
Disposal of Used Filters

Fume Filtration System Operator Manuals Return to top of page

To download the fume filtration system operator manuals, please click on the relevant name from the list below.


Technical Specification Return to top of page

CTR Fume filtration systems for laser machinesThe technical specification for the following fume filtration units can be found by clicking the below link;

  • 400i (Purex)
  • AD-oracle (BOFA)
  • 800i (Purex)
  • AD-1000 (BOFA)

Click here for the filter technical specifications.

The above page also outlines other technical data, such as;

  • Machine dimensions / sizes
  • Unique features
  • Specifications of the filters held inside the above units (replacement filters)


Materials and Emissions Return to top of page

Different materials will give off different fumes and particles when laser cut or engraved. For more information, please click here.


Health and Safety Return to top of page

Click here for information on the pros and cons of using a filtration system versus venting the fumes outside. Please be aware that some of this information may not apply to specific / unique circumstances, and it is best to check the COSHH data sheet for any materials you are looking to process with your laser before processing them to ensure that you have suitable filtration / ventilation for the fumes that will be produced.


How often do I need to replace my filters? Return to top of page

HEPA filters operate by catching particles from the air that is exhausted from your laser machine and passed through your fume filtration system. Different particles are captured by the different filters in your unit. Typically, smells are captured by the carbon filter, large particles are captured by the pre filter, and smaller particles are captured by the HEPA filter. Your unit may have two, three or potentially more filters, depending on the design, and the application the filter is designed for.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to advise how often the filters in your system will need replacing, as there are a number of unknown variables which will impact the filter life. These include the environment in which the filter is being used, the materials which are being processed in your laser machine, and the how long you run the machines for.

Your fume filtration system is equipt with sensor to detect when the filter is becoming blocked and needs replacing, and will alert you to this during normal operation - please refer to the original user manual for your specific model of fume filtration system for more information on this if required. The manual will have been provided on the software disk when your machine was first installed, and a paper copy may also have been supplied. If you can smell fumes in the room during normal operation, please go to this link for more details.

In terms of filter life, in general terms, if the material produces a high quantity of fumes/smoke when processed, this will reduce your filter life. If the material produces sticky residue when cut, this will also likely be in the fume which are released, and this may clog your filter more quickly.


Replace Your Filters Return to top of page

Replacing the filters in your fume filtration system may require special steps or additional safety measures, depending on the system you have and the materials you have been processing.

For general information on replacing your filters, please view this PDF.


Reset Your Filter System Return to top of page

Occasionally you may need to re-set your fume filtration system after replacing any of the filters inside it. To do this, please follow the steps in this PDF.


Disposal of Used Filters Return to top of page

The method of safe disposal of your used filters will depend on the materials which you have been processing with your laser. More information can be found here.


Troubleshooting Return to top of page

I can smell fumes in the room, but my filter unit doesn't say it is blocked.

There are a few checks which you can carry out;

  • Make sure the extraction system is working correctly, drawing the air away from the machine at a rate that is fast enough to clear the fumes from the laser in a timely manner. Make sure the flow rate is high enough for the materials you are working with. Make sure there are no kinks or obstructions in the hoses and ducting between the laser machine and filtration system / extraction fan. Make sure all of the hoses are connected correctly and securely.
  • Make sure there are no debris in the white catch tray in the machine (i.e. below the machine work bed/area).
  • Make sure there are no debris underneath the work tray (pull the tray out and check the inside of the machine is clear).
  • With the tray pulled out, use a stiff brush to gently tap/brush the holes in the tray to make sure that they are clear and unblocked.
  • Make sure the machine is not pushed fully back against the wall so that the air can circulate correctly around the machine and into the relevant vents.

You can view this information as a PDF here.

If the above does not resolve your issue, please contact CTR for further advice.