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Machine Dimensions Return to top of page

Please click on the required machine name / model number to view the machine dimensions.

TMX 65

TMX 90 TMX 12 (coming soon)
TMK 15 TMK 20  
TMK 1610 -BM (coming soon) TMK 1520 -RR  


Machine Accessories (Tech Sheets) Return to top of page

ACO-328 air assist pump technical specification sheet [PDF]


Routine Maintenance Return to top of page

When your laser machine was first installed, a routine maintenance sheet was provided to show the regular checks and maintenance steps which should be carried out to ensure you get the best performance from your laser machine. We have included this list here for your reference, with links to additional pages for further information where appropriate.

Click here to see the routine maintenance list.


CO2 Laser Care and Tutorials Return to top of page

Laser output tutorial - a brief reminder on the steps needed to get your file from your imagination to a finished product. PDF

Focus - a reminder on focusing your laser head from your materials. PDF

How to make your own (or a replacement) focus gauge. PDF

Laser tube care - how to care for your CO2 laser tube. PDF

Low laser power check-list - if you are experiencing issues with your laser power, the first step is to work through this check-list to eliminate any basic errors. PDF


General Information on Laser Machine Operation Return to top of page

Instructions for TMX machines with dual beds - Flat Plate Vacuum Bed and Honeycomb Bed. PDF

Rotary Attachment - instructions for the loading and operation of CTR's rotary attachment. PDF


Additional Checks and Troubleshooting Return to top of page

USB - check your USB driver is correctly installed. PDF

Troubleshooting guide for standard CTR CO2 laser machines. PDF

How to tighten your laser machine controller screen. PDF

How to adjust the Backlash, Scaling, Offsets and Squareness. PDF


My machine is stuck in PAUSE... Return to top of page

If you laser machine control panel says that the machine operation is paused and to press start to continue, but pressing start doesn't make a difference...

Check that the base tray in your laser machine is squarely pushed in all the way.
This is a safety feature to ensure the laser machine is not operated without the base tray in the machine to catch parts and debris when laser cutting.
The best way to ensure the tray is correctly in place is to pull your tray out by at least 200mm and then, using both hands equally distanced along the front tray edge, push the tray back in until it cannot go back any further. Make sure that you have pushed the tray in squarely and firmly.
If the problem persists, clean out your tray, and ensure that there are no debris stuck to any part of the tray or located in the slot in your laser machine that the tray slides into.
In the event that your problem still persists, please contact your supplier for further advice.


The spot size of my laser where it touches the materials (laser bed) is different Return to top of page

Should the spot size of your laser beam (where it fires down on the laser bed / materials) be a significantly different size than usual, this may affect the quality of the cut/engraving and impact on the power of the laser when trying to process materials. If so, please check that;

  • The laser alignment is correct. PDF
  • The mirrors are all cleaned and undamaged. PDF
  • Both sides of the lens are clean and undamaged. PDF
  • The lens is located the correct way round in the machine. PDF
  • The air assist is turned on, operating correctly and blowing down through the lens nozzle.
  • You are operating at the correct focus height for the lens in your machine (the focus gauge provided only applies for the specification of lens originally supplied) and the material thickness you are processing. PDF

Should the above checks not resolve the issue, please contact your supplier for further advice.