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Machine Dimensions / Technical Specification Return to top of page

Please click on the required machine name / model number to view the machine dimensions.

MODEL Dimensions Technical Specification Manuals
CW-3000 (coming soon) (coming soon) CW3000 manual
CW-5200 (coming soon) (coming soon) CW5200 manual
iChiller IC215-NF-P5 iChiller IC215-NF-P5 - Dimensions iChiller IC215-NF-P5 - Tech Spec (coming soon)


Which type of water can I use? Return to top of page

You should only use distilled or demineralised water in your water cooling system, unless a higher quality of water has been specifically quoted to you by CTR / your supplier. Other types of water are not suitable for using in the water cooling system for your laser machine, and may:

  • cause damage to the laser components
  • destroy your laser tube
  • leave residue in the water system, which can decrease or end the life of your laser tube
  • clog up the water pipes
  • damage your water chiller recirculating unit
  • damage the pump in your water chiller

To ensure your machine runs to its optimum potential, please ensure you always use the correct type of water. (especially do NOT use tap water or standard bottled water)


ALWAYS protect your water cooled lasers from freezing! Return to top of page

Always make sure that your water cooled laser machines don't freeze.

This is especially critical for glass laser tubes, where the water can freeze, expand, and potentially damage the tube.

If your laser machine is not in an environment that is protected from freezing, make sure you drain the water from your laser tube if there is any chance of the temperature reaching freezing to avoid any costly repairs.


How to flush out your water cooling system Return to top of page

In some instances, contaminants can enter your water cooling system if the system is not properly cared for and maintained. It is best to ALWAYS contact CTR's tech team for advice first. If advice has been given by CTR to recommend flushing your water cooling system, then the following steps can be carried out for CW series chillers. Please click here.


How to override your water cooler interlink cable Return to top of page

It is recommended that this procedure only be carried out under advice from CTR. This instruction only applies to CW series chillers. PDF