Water Jet Cutting Machines

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Waterjet Cutting Machines

Water Jet Cutting Machines

Waterjet Cutters (also known as water jet or waterjet) are designed for cutting through materials that other technologies cannot easily handle – items such as foods and heat-sensitive materials can be cut using a waterjet machine, as water jets do not create a HEZ (Heat Affected Zone) so the inherent structure of the material composition is not affected. Water jet cutting can be abrasive jet where abrasives could be used or pure water jet where only clean water is used.

The machines pass water under high pressure through a small diameter nozzle to produce a jet of water. The jet travels at a very high speed, with sufficient kinetic energy to cut a wide range of materials. If sand is added this creates an abrasive effect that allows the waterjet to cut hard materials such as metal and stone. Utilising different abrasives can increase or decrease the kerf (the width of the cut) and has the potential to reduce scrap material.



  • Waterjet machines do not create a HEZ (Heat Affected Zone) so the inherent structure of the material composition is not affected
  • ideal for cutting materials which react adversely to heat (i.e. foods).
  • Reflective materials can be successfully cut with a waterjet where a laser cutter may struggle.
  • Thick materials that are unsuitable for laser cutting can be cut with a waterjet machine.
  • Water jet cutting is more accurate and cheaper than other cutting processes

 This type of machine is typically used for cutting through metals, stone, marble, armoured glass, ceramics, plastics, wood and materials consisting of more than one layer.

Our AquaCut waterjet cutting machines are based on a precision-engineered and compact-framed construction, optimally adjusted to waterjet cutting purposes for metal and non-metal materials. Many features are available for the AquaCut, including 5-axis cutting head (for bevel/3D cutting), camera systems and can be combined with additional plasma cutting stations to increase its range of abilities.

The AquaCut waterjet machine utilises excellent motion dynamics and a user-friendly PC based control system for easy and efficient use.

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