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Which Materials Can I Work With?


CTR CO2 laser machine systems can cut and engrave / mark a huge range of materials.
The below table shows a few examples of the many materials that you can work with on your CTR laser machine!

Please note that the type of laser needed to work with some of these materials may vary. These answers are for CO2 laser types, which covers some of our range of machines.

Cutting materials such as metals is possible with either a fibre laser, plasma cutter or a different type of technology, depending on the application - please contact us to find out more.

CO2 Laser Machines
Material Laser Engrave Laser Cut
Acrylic Yes Yes
Anodised Aluminium Yes No
Brick Yes No
Cardboard Yes Yes
Ceramic Yes No
Cork Yes Yes
Cuttlefish Yes Yes
Delrin Yes Yes
Dibond No No
Electronic Goods Yes No
Fabric Yes Yes
Films (plastic) Yes Yes
Foam Yes Yes
Foils (plastic) Yes Yes
Glass Yes Score & Snap
Granite Yes No
Laminated Plastics Yes Yes
Leather Yes Yes
Marble Yes No
MDF Yes Yes
Metals See below for metal cutting and marking abilities.
Mother of Pearl Yes No
Mylar Yes Yes
Painted Metal Yes No
Paper Yes Yes
Plastics Yes Yes
Polyester Yes Yes
Rubber Yes Yes
Silk Yes Yes
Slate Yes No
Stone Yes No
Textiles Yes Yes
Tile Yes No
Velvet Yes Yes
Wood Yes Yes


Are you looking to work with metals?

Our range of metal cutting machines give you the ability to cut and etch many different types of metal, using fibre lasers, plasma and oxyfuel cutters, waterjet machines, or a combination of all four technologies.

Suitable metals include:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel

You can find more information about metal processing here.

Is your material not listed?

If you have a specialist material which you use and want to know how it will react to being laser cut or engraved, please contact us to send a sample for us to test.

Please note that the cutting depths for different materials will vary depending on the power and type of machine. This page is intended as a guide, and the exact cutting and engraving/marking abilities of each machine will vary depending on its exact specification. For exact details, please contact CTR.