Why Consider A CTR Laser Machine?

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Why Buy A Laser

Why Consider A CTR Laser Machine?

They are great tools for a wide range of jobs...CTR Laser cut model - wooden ATAT

Laser engraving and laser cutting machines have long been seen as one of the most versatile machines on the market. However, until recently the price and cost of ownership has been prohibitive for all but the largest companies. This has now changed dramatically with the introduction of glass tube lasers. This brings Laser machines easily within reach of start-up companies with limited budgets, with more specialised types of laser (RF and fibre lasers) also available.

The possibilities are tremendous when you start to think of the materials these machines can process. This is why there is so much excitement about them!

A point worth noting when discussing wood and other fibrous materials is that our lasers leave a feather-free cut. There is no need for a 'post process' to sand the edge. This is a major advantage compared to other machines such as routers.

CTR laser machines come complete with software that will accept many usual data formats - these can be produced by software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop and numerous 'free' graphics packages. All professional CAD software can output files which can be used for cutting on these laser machines. Acceptable file formats include DXF, one of the most popular CAD file formats.

Our lasers will accurately mark and engrave most plastics, woods, plywood and MDF, ceramics and stone, glass, card and paper, fabric and many other materials; and are also very capable at cutting most of these. The thicknesses that can be processed largely depends on the output power. For cutting materials such as metals we offer a range of technologies, from fibre lasers and plasma cutters through to waterjet machines and specialist machines for specific applications.

CTR offer a range of machine types and sizes and a variety of powers - please contact us for more information or go to our products pages.

CTR Lasers sample - metal cutting

Are they the best machine for the job?

This depends on your specific needs. Firstly, a laser is basically a 2D machine; if you need to accurately cut to a precise depth, rather than engraving, scoring or cutting through material, then it is not the machine for you. Our lasers have excellent control over the laser power, resulting in very good, crisp engraved images, however, the nature of a laser beam makes it difficult to 'machine' to a precise depth like you can with a milling machine.

Lasers cut by burning or vaporizing the material, leaving a burnt coloured vertical edge on some jobs, particularly woods and card. This can be an advantage, giving a decorative finish to the work, or further processing (painting etc.) can hide this effect if desired.

A Note on Plastics...

When working with clear hard plastics, like acrylic, our laser machines have the advantage. They produce a clear, clean 'polished' cut edge which is so good that usually you get the finished job 'straight from the machine'. You can see more about acrylics and other plastics on the relevant material pages.

When processing soft plastics some care is required. A few, like PVC and vinyl produce dangerous by-products. These should not be processed with a laser. The best machine for these materials is a 'knife plotter' or vinyl plotter.

Laser technology is truly remarkable in the massive range of uses and applications it has, but don't take our word for it - see what our customers are saying!